Siesta and watermelon

If I'd really let myself go, this is just about
what I would do this monday after having celebrated
Spain's victory last night for the World Cup....

Eating fresh watermelon and indulging in a long long siesta!

Happy start of the week to you !


Congratulations on Spain's win... we were so happy on this side of the ocean!!! Happy Monday my friend..HHL
Elisa, Croatia said…
I watch the game and was wondering who was going to score first, then the GOOOOl. It was very exciting to see. watermelon looks refreshing and I could sit on that hammock, reading a book!
Gina said…
Dear Lala, Congratulations to your team! Delight in their glory. Have a lovely week yourself.
Loui♥ said…
love sandia!
and gazpacho!
to me..that is Summer..
in Spain!
warm sandy hugs.
Congratulation to your country! I am sure the country is still celebrating as we hear it will last for days. Watermelon is a good choice, it will be you hydrated during the ongoing celebration. Much love XO
David Engel said…
Congratulations Lala! I was hoping you would win! And yes, watermelon is wonderful. It appears in my current blog as well in a very funny menu I hope you will check out.


aguja said…
Great Victory For Spain!!!

¡Viva españa!

...and oddly enough, I was just contemplating watermelon myself - possibly as the temperature is rising - so I shall now make it a priority for making the week especially enjoyable, before I head for maybe colder climes next week.
I watched it and Spain really deserved to win, contratulations! Watermelon, sunshine and a hammock, what a lovely start to the week, hope it's a good one. Love from London x
Joyful said…
Sounds wonderful. I love watermelon and relaxing in the shade outdoors :-) I watched the game. Congratulations to Spain.
Don said…
Oh, that watermelon looks good! And the hammock!
Kristin said…
Dear Lala, What a great start of the week! I watched the game and I'm so glad Spain won! They played the best and they behaved the best!! Have a great day!

Kristin XO
DolceDreams said…
All of Spain must have stopped...and then let go into a huge wave of excitement!
Viva Espagna...
I too love watermelon in the heat!
Enjoy your siestas!
Carina said…
We were soooo excited for their victory. So wish we could be there. I said on FaceB that I'll have to stay in beacause we left South Africa and the world cup happened there, we left Spain and the biggest vivtory and fiesta happened there. Now we stay put in case something exciting happens here in Ozland. Don't know if its's possible... :) Watermelon would have been my choice too. Enjoy all your siestas!!
Christina said…
Lala, so glad your package arrived. : )

and the way you sliced this water melon, it's perfect.

love to you, my dearest friend.

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