Bonjour Lisbon !

For me Lisbon never changes really.
It might have new shops, new museums, its pulse remains the same.
And even in the fierce heat of summer,
it's such a pleasure to wander through its streets
to go up and down in the yellow streetcars

to dip one's feet in the water near the Belem tower
and watch the occasional fisherman

Yes Lisbon can appear a bit shabby at times
but it's also what makes its charms

and of course, our first gourmand meeting was the famous Confeitaria de Belem
for their delicious pasteis which they've been making since 1837.....
the most heavenly custard tart ever !

as usual there's a long line of people waiting to buy
these little round cakes which just melt in your mouth
they're so yummy !
I highly recommend a visit of their site where you can see how the pasteis are prepared
but alas....they don't give you the's being kept secret !

I'll be back with more pics of lovely shops and cool places next wednesday......
and a big thank you to my new followers !
I really appreciate that you follow the blog even if I've been absent for a few days
and to my lovely blogging friends, I'll be sure to visit you tomorrow
yes, promised !

pics: me


Oh welcome back ..mon ami... Ahh.. my birth city .. Lisbon ... seeing Belem brought mouth watering reminders of does delicate pastel de nata ... I can't wait to see more of your wonderful pictures on Wednesday!!! ... Happy Monday ..HHL
Gina said…
Dear Lala, Your great photographs made me homesick for Portugal. It has been a while. Thank you for the reminder.
Linda Sue said…
WONDERFUL! If I could only jump into my screen! I would so do that in a heart beat! Beautiful Lisbon! Thank you for this look! LOVE!
Yoli said…
Que belleza Lalita!!!
Diana said…
oooohhh, I am so all looks so beautiful! I have to find a way to work some travel in soon! Have a wonderful time!
Caroline said…
Lovely photos! Have not been to Lisbon so I enjoyed this trip!
Ola said…
Looks like a city with character, I have never been there, greetings!
Kristin said…
Dear Lala, hope you're having a great summer!! Lisbon is a place I really want to visit! Looks enchanting! xoxo
Mélanie A. said…
Je suis sure que Lisbonne me plairait beaucoup . cela fait longtemps que j'envisage un petit tour au portugal
Glad to see you back safely and happily, pretty pictures and all!

I love the buttery yellow buildings and streetcars against the blue sea and sky. Then there's the decorative blue and yellow in your other photos - the ceramic tray on the wall, the cafe, the boxes.

Is this a frequent color pairing throughout Lisbon and Portugal? I wonder why, if so...they're not the flag colors, and a quick Googling of "Portugal blue yellow" doesn't help me!
vicki archer said…
Lisbon looks like a wonderful city......xv
Sara said…
Beautiful photos, Lala. Visiting you here is often like a special little travel experience. I love the photo with the little black car parked in that unlikely place.

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