Dinner in Madrid at Bazaar

Since I discovered Spanish interior designer Lázaro Rosa-Violán, in AD magazine (issue of march 2009),
I want to see all the places prettily dressed up by him and his team Contemporain Studio

Bazaar in Madrid is in the trendy gay district of Chueca.

I like its immaculate ambiance, the soft lighting and the neat bazaar look with its orderly shelves and rows of packages.

The photo above is the only one I could take because
I got immediately told by a waiter that sorry, but no photo allowed
what a shame....

in fact, I was so tempted to take a picture of some of the packagings

I have a weakness for packaging and a really good aesthetic tag !

Now about our meal, food was good but our dinner there would have been
more pleasant if the staff could smile from time to time

I wish somebody would explain to me
why in some trendy places waiters feel obliged to look sullen and be unpleasant ?

But I've decided not to let myself undeterred by that

I even managed to make our waitress smile
while ordering dessert, with my stupid questions

We were placed downstairs where I could have a closer look at the items on the shelves.

so clean...

do they dust them every day ?

Here is the upstairs

less interesting for me

While browsing on Lázaro Rosa-Violán's website, I saw this other restaurant
designed by him, La Polpa in Barcelona
where he declined the same immaculate bazaar theme

This is the designer's home where he also works with his team

Oh la la....I could work in his living room every day !

And a portrait of the designer

first pic : me
other pics : from Lázaro Rosa-Violán website

Bazaar restaurant
calle Libertad 21


I hope the meal was as fabulous as the decor. You must have been in heaven. I would have been, too - that shelving is everything I love in a unit like that...except maybe the dusting. Madrid is such a beautiful city. What did you have for dessert?

Catherine xx
Tucker said…
oh my i want to goooo there! we will have to check it out when we are in mardid or madrith (:
Flor said…
Es todo tan tan lindo... te digo hasta el perro, fantastique!!!

Un beso/bisou
Linda Sue said…
wait- which on is the designer- I would say pretty good for a weimaraner. Perhaps the wait staff is so grumpy because of all the dusting they must do, and because everything is so clinical white...red and yellow and Lala might make their day happier!
Hi lala,
I will be in Paris until the 11th so email me and we can set up a time to meet for a drink..........I must meet the other person in the world that adores "packaging" as much as me. This is great news! XO
Anulka said…
Interesting place, I like this "shelving" style. And... I have nothing against dusting, so...;-). I go to Barcelona in September and I'm happy, happy, happy. Madrid - in the future - for sure :-). Thank you for your visit on my blog :-)
C'est La Vie said…
i'm loving your blog!!

i hate it when you have unhappy waiters, it's such a pill
David Engel said…
Funny... Lazaro looks like a wiemaraner!

And mean waiters suck!

Si,yo también admiro su trabajo,quiero hablar en estos días de su Malcontenta,
Sara said…
Ah, for a minute there I was wondering if you gave in to temptation and snuck more photos while the sullen waiters were not looking!

I love the use of storage as decoration....it really does look wonderful.
Joyful said…
Very lovely interiors. Too bad they didn't let you take photos. I get so annoyed when places tell me I can't take photos! Really makes me think twice about frequenting the place.
Elizabeth said…
Yes, what an eye the designer has!
I bet you made the waitress smile.
In New York the waitstaff are sometimes TOO friendly.
Hope your summer has been a delight.
love from New York.
Mélanie A. said…
Quel joli endroit. De ne pas pouvoir prendre des photos , c'est insupportable et frustrant.
Mais je vois que tout de même tu ne t'es pas laissée faire.
La nourriture était elle à la hauteur du décor?

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