In the mood for sweet whites

I've just finished reading Françoise Pitt-Rivers' exciting biography of
Elizabeth Vigée Le Brun, the official portraitist of Marie-Antoinette and her court.

Encouraged by her father, Elizabeth started to paint at a very young age
and was incredibly gifted in her art of portrait.
She soon won the favour of the Queen without of course creating some jealousy....

Her destiny was like her - unique - she fled from France during the Revolution,
was welcome with the same enthusiasm in all the foreign courts,
Italy, Russia, Austria, England
where she never ceased to be active as a portraitist.

I realize I should at least post one of her famous self-portraits here
but the vivid description of her cherished dinner parties, tableaux vivants and poetry gatherings
inspired me rather to post sweet delicate desserts

and as you can see, I lived so much in my book that I wanted to be pre-romantic too !

Have the sweetest week end !

pics :

#1 Jean-Claude Amiel for Côté Maison
#2 Valérie Lhomme for Côté Maison
#3 Valérie Lhomme for Côté Maison
#4 Marie Clérin for Côté Maison
#5 Monchéri


Lala .. mon ami ... thank you for introducing me to Elizabeth Vigée Le Brun - I will have to make note to check out her book.

Now - those sweets , have me running to our fridge .. Its Friday and hubby has made it a habit of bring some delicious (albiet fattening) Italian pasteries home through the summer!!!

Your Cheri .. caputured you beautifully .. definitely a picture to be framed and hung. Happy week-end ..XO HHL
DolceDreams said…
Look at you! You look gorgeous!
Have a fantastic weekend with your book and those delectable goodies...Yum!
David Engel said…
Lala... you are a tease! Posting all this while I'm on a low sugar diet!

Linda Sue said…
Oh Lala You are looking mighty sweet and naughty!
Caroline said…
Delightful post! Delicious desserts! You look divine!
maría cecilia said…
Adorable Lala!!!! I can see this woman has inspired you so much!!!
many hugs
Hotcakes said…
those sweets look really yum!
Bonjour Lala, those desserts look so delicious and vibrant, yum. You're of course looking very "delicious" too ;-D Have a great weekend, Love from London x
Anulka said…
I love those photos - lovely desserts and sweets. My eyes are eating and eating... . Elizabeth Vigée Le Brun - is her biography transleted into Polish? I have to check ;-). Have a nice day. Anna
aguja said…
How wonderfully apt are your deserts!
I laughed at your creative thought in combining deserts with a book review.
Loved it!
Diana said…
what a gorgeous photo of you! And those sweets make me drool!
Theresa Cheek said…
Such decadent photos of the food! The book looks wonderful and the photo of YOU is so perfect. Have a sweet weekend yourself LaLa!

Susana said…
Lala!!! What a gorgeous photo of you! You look super lovely! And those sweets... look delicious. I am not eating any sugar at the moment, because my sugar levels with the pregnancy are a bit high so gotta be careful. When I see sweets like the ones in your pictures, my mouth waters!!!
Mélanie A. said…
Tu es superbe , Vigée Le brun est un personnage si fascinant . Les photos de ces gateaux sont à se damner
Hi Lala! Thank you for your sweet words on my blog!
When I saw your comment I just thought that your blog´s name was so great!! Me encanta!!
Very interesting posts and wonderful photos!

Que pases un feliz dia!!

(El Jardin de los Muffins)
studioJudith said…
Such a doll you are -
love that bustier!

If only Madame could have painted you in that corset! This book is a must read. I completely forgot to mention to you - didn't remember until yesterday - that I'm so excited you're going to see Cristina Hoyos. She was one of my absolute favorites. Are you off to Paris next weekend? So nice to be on that side of the ocean.
Catherine xx
Anonymous said…
Beautiful blog!
Kisses from Croatia.
Zondra Art

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