Lisbon is cool

oh sorry....wednesday saw me busy, sweaty and in the end too lazy to blog !

...but let's go back to Lisbon and some of its coolest places...

one morning, we discovered the Museum do design e da moda
where a very cool exhibition of scooters and fashion was presented on the first floor.

As usual one is not allowed to take pictures but the scenery was much too tempting!
The museum opened its doors in may 2009 in the former building of a bank.

There is another design museum in Lisbon near the Belem tower, but the queue was much too long...we'll leave it to the next visit....hopefully...
Vintage toujours in A outra face da lua
which combines a vintage clothing shop and a nice little café

If you love sardins and packaging like me
then you can't miss this old charming shop
Conserveira de Lisboa
which opened its doors in 1930
Too cute!

When the evening comes, Lisbon is a very happy madame
with plenty of interesting propositions
My favorite is definitely Chapitô near Castelo de sao Jorge

Chapitô is a cultural cooperative, with a circus school
and also organizes concerts on its premises.
Now the great part is, added to that,
there is a big terrace where you can order food and drinks called the Esplanade

and then upstairs is the restaurant called Restô
where I could have easily spent every night
We went there twice
The food is gorgeous, the waitresses too
(and smiling)
The views on Lisboa are superb....
Well, yes I was completely charmed by that place
After dinner, another funny place to go is
the Pavilhao Chines which
I discovered on my first visit to Lisboa many years ago

It's the fantasy world of a Lisboet man
who transformed an old haberdashery into a night bar

Its rooms are filled to the brim of collections of toys, hats, curiosities
The cocktail menu is never ending and you can also order sushi if you want
So wouldn't you say Lisbon is cool ?

pics : me

Adresses :

Museu do design e da moda
Rua Augusta 24

vintage shop and café : A outra face da Lua
rua da Assunçao 22
barrio Baixa

Conserveira de Lisboa
Rua dos Bacalhoeiros
(there is no number but it's right at the entrance of the street)
for restaurant, it's better to reserve, especially in summer : 218 867 334

Rua da Costa do Castelo
(better take a cab as it's a bit complicated)

Pavilhao Chines
Rua dom Pedro V, 89


Gina said…
Dear Lala, Your photographs of Lisbon are superb. Actually, all of your photographs are. Not only the quality of them but it is the way "you see" a scene that is so special. Thanks for sharing.
River-Rose said…
I am in awe of your blog! Fantastic!
Dorte said…
oh yes ... gorgeous photos :)
Patricia said…
When I was a child I dreamed of going to Lisbon. I have yet to get there but your posts have brought me closer. Thank you for these beautiful images.
Lala ... your photos remind that its been way too long since I visited my birth city.... must add to my list of travel possibilities next year.

Thank you for visiting and your sweet words.. to answer your question - yes, I still speak Portuguese - I try to practice it whenever I get a chance.. my writing is not too good - but I get by with reading.... XO HHL
Linda Sue said…
Oh yes, my darling, i would say Lisbon is cool- You found the coolest! I so am putting this on my list.
Susana said…
Oh Lala! Sorry I haven´t visited you for so long... life is busy, busy, busy!

LOVELY photos of Lisbon. I haven't been, but Seb lived there for some years a while back. We would love to visit together!
Sara said…
Very cool indeed. I especially liked Pavilhao Chines; I could spend a long time there just looking at all the displays.
I absolutely feel like I just took a really cool trip to Lisbon. You could be the most stylish travel agent. Much love XO
Rarely do I ever get to see pictures of Lisbon. I love it! I wish that 'sardine' shop was in my neighborhood - I'd visit it everyday. So glad you had a lovely vacation.

Catherine xx
Kristin said…
It looks like the most charming place! xo

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