The little joys of the roof terrace and a sardines party

Sometimes I just need a stimuli to make me work faster on home projects like...
the roof terrace for instance....
ah yes...the roof terrace and the vision I had of pale pink and green cushions you remember ?
well, last week I had the idea that inviting my friends over for a casual sardines party on the roof terrace last saturday night would spur me to at last materialize my vision
oh it did help me...except that it skipped my mind that Monchéri and I had to transport
2 Morrocan beds (called sidali - a very thick mattress - perfect for that use)
through the very tiny metal spiral staircase leading to the roof terrace
plus little tables, plus a cupboard to place all things necessary to dine
in fact, plus zillions of things
On thursday night, I was still sewing some cushion covers - the pink ones above -
On friday I prepared the lemon custard for the mini lemon meringue pies I had planned for 10 persons. I missed one step and it went wrong and had to do it again.
That's the reason why you didn't see me on the blog....
I also finished painting the pots in blue while Monchéri, full of zen and solicitude
was making an orange and almond cake
On saturday morning, I picked up 4 kilos of sardines at the fishmonger
bought more beach mats to place on the floor and some glass marbles
to make them stay flat....
Then mounted the lemon meringue pies, made an olive cake, a big pan of ratatouille,
and a Salade Niçoise
alas....there is no pic of before or during the party
because I was much too busy !
I took this pic last night
There were some sardines and a loaf of bread (still in its casual dinner jacket) left
so we had an intimate barbecue
bread, sardines and rosé wine
under the Andalusian sky.... is good sometimes...

I forgot to say....among the leftovers were also 2 lemon meringue tartlets...
ok...I confess it was premeditated, I had made 12 and we were 10
and in the end...well they just stayed in the fridge...hum...
This morning I rushed up to the roof terrace to see if everything was all there...
You never know...a gust of wind..hungry cats
But yes, the pots were still there
the cushions were still inviting
I had my breakfast inventing my summer life on the roof terrace
with more barbecue parties, couscous parties, mojito parties, mint tea parties in the afternoon.....until one day the summer comes to its end

pics : me


Gina said…
Dear Lala, I love the word you used, solicitude. I know what you mean about being too busy to take pictures when you should have. I can just imagine the hard work it took to get all the furniture and everything else to the rooftop.

You did all that for your guests! I know that they had a fabulous time.

I love the pink and green with a hint of blue color combination. hint of blue combination.
Linda Sue said…
OH LALA you are the best hostess ever! What a comfy inviting place you have created. And the fishies and tarts look so yummy! Thank you for showing - I feel as though I was invited and had a good time!
David Engel said…
Sounds and looks great! And don't be too sad... when the Summer ends... Autumn begins. There'll be time for roasting quail, to be served with couscous with almonds, currents, and cinnamon,... a beautiful bottle of Domaine de Trevallon... the stars in the sky...

I'm going to have to book a flight soon!


What a wonderful place to entertain and to relax ... beautiful mon ami!!!HHL
Yoli said…
Lalita will you one day invite me to your sardine party when I visit Spain?
maría cecilia said…
Hola querida Lala, un espacio realmente acogedor y bello!!!! me ha fascinado!!!
maria cecilia
Diana said…
This is a party I would love to attend! Sounds like a truly wonderful event...and so, so pretty!
Caroline said…
I loved this post!!! You must have been racing about like a mad thing getting it all ready but it definitely paid off - what a beautifully inviting terrace you've made. Can I join one of your mint tea parties?!! P.S. Your meringues look delicious... -
Joyful said…
It all looks quite lovely Lala. I'm sure any party you throw would be lovely. I also like the colours you have selected for the beds and cushions as they are cool and refreshing. The ambience created with the candles is also very romantic. Ah, lovely summer days and nights. Enjoy xx
Spangle said…
What a great place to sit and chill out! The meringues look gorgeous!
A said…
Hola Lala. Veo como tu casa se va convirtiendo en un lugar maravilloso. Ya no es como cuando te mudaste, llena de cajas desordenadas, lastima que no la he vuelto a ver desde entonces... "Disfruté" de la mudanza pero no de la "casual sardines party". Bueno otra vez sera...
Kristin said…
Dear Lala, your roof terrace is like a dream! I bet you all had a great time!!!xoxo
Merisi said…
You are one amazing interior decorator and hostess!
The two tarts on the day after the party were well earned, I'd say. ;-)
Margaret said…
It's always wise to make a few extra desserts! ;) I always do - my husband is happy, and more generous with guests when he knows they aren't stealing his sweets! Lol.
Sara said…
You two are wonderful hosts, I can see, by all the work you did to create such a charming place, and all the good food you mouth is watering at the thought, and I am longing for one of those lemon tarts.
Un lugar lleno de vida y encanto y las sardinas....que buenas debían de estar!!!
Scarlet Ily said…
Lala, you make me want to pack my bags so I can indulge on sardines and rosé wine (under the Andalusian sky). :)

The decor is so beautiful and inviting. I love your creative spirit. It's inspiring!
Kitty Shepherd said…
You are both wonderful hosts and the terrace looked stunning, we had such a lovely evening with you both and your friends.

When you look at the pictures on your blog they tell a story but now I have seen the terrace they actually don’t do the reality justice. Your eclectic collection of all things elegant and beautiful is inspiring. And I am very envious of your studio Lala. Keep doing what you do…it’s lovely.
aguja said…
Summer dreams!

Beautiful photographs,food, surroundings, the ufolding of the 'Casual Sardine Party'. We could linger until the end, along with your guests.

A fantastic depiction!

Hmmm! I did happen, fleetingly, visualise a party of sardines in casual dress, hanging out, chilled out, on the shoreline .... and then I was absorbed by the actual event ... and made my way to your roof terrace.
I just got back from vacation.
And now I want to go again after seeing these inviting images on here!
I love your Andalusian life. I will dream about your dinner.
Catherine xx
What a lovely party arrangement...I wish I were your friendly neighbor in Andalucia. ;-)

I am fascinated by the diamond cracking effect in your silver spoons. Is that just an interesting light reflection, or has the silver finish cracked that way?
colores said…
me encantan las fotos genial!!!!!!!! very very nice! Simply love it!
Agus said…
Oh!! que azotea tan maravillosa, que romántica, que paz, que detalles; me encanta la mesa de madera "palet", los farolillos y los tiestos de color turquesa, hacen que las sardinas sepan a gloria. En la sencillez reina el buen gusto, os felicito.
hasta luego!!

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