Lunch in Sintra

When we spotted its tiny tiny terrace, and inviting tables covered with white cloth
we knew it was our place

Restaurant Tacho Real in Sintra
is one of my best foodie souvenir inPortugal

You will be proposed the typical aperitivo
called the "couvert"
(which will then be discreetly charged on your bill but you can also refuse the aperitivo)
Inside is quiet and cool
With promising moments
Very promising moments....
And me, tonight at exactly 10.41pm,
well, I'm simply dreaming of this very tender octopus

pics : me


My mouth is watering looking at that octopus... and the dessert .. ok I'm melting... what a wonderful time you must have had!!! XO ..HHL
Joyful said…
No wonder you enjoyed the dining experience. It all looks wonderful :-)
la Brocanteuse said…
oh what a lovely post- in the moment! thank you for sharing. warm wishes Colette-all the way from Afrique du Sud
Gina said…
Dear Lala, I also look for tiny, tiny places when we travel. My mouth is watering just looking at the food. The interior of the restaurant is so very charming.
Your photographs are always so professional. You need to write a book about your travels. The photographs alone would sell the book.
Thanks for sharing.
David Engel said…
Wow! That does look enticing! Pastries, wines, and octopus!!!! Yum!!!!! I really should visit Portugal soon!

Kay said…
delectably charming, mmm hmmm
Ily said…
¡Que riqueza! You take the most beautiful (and tempting) photos, Chica!
Sara said…
...and I am dreaming of those very luscious looking desserts!
What a lovely restaurant.....the food looks delicious! Lovely photographs!
Caroline said…
Now I'm drooling!! I would love to visit that restaurant - your photos make it look so wonderful!
Oh my god...the cream cake, the bottles of wine, the ambience...and I think those are big green limas or favas, which I love. My kind of restaurant. You must be having a wonderful summer...and I'm glad, because then you get to share it with us!
I wonder what this weekend will bring for you, Lala. Can't wait to see.
DolceDreams said…
Hi Lala!
I have missed all of your incredibly delightful and relaxing posts! It looks like you are having a fantastic summer, and girlie girl, you look great!
I hope that your wedding planning is tres busy, you are such a romantic I cannot see how you could not be :)
I am off to the kitchen because you have made me so hungry!
Mélanie A. said…
Le Portugal a l'air si accueillant. les gateaux me font craquer , et en ce moent je n'en ai pas besoin
Salut Lala, I can't believe how many great posts I've missed here...
Thanks for your thoughtful and lovely words on my blog, they meant a lot to me and I really appreciate them.
The restaurant pictures look so inviting and simply lovely...and your pictures of Lisbon - well, elegance, beauty and Fado is what I think of when I think of Lisbon - a gorgeous city. Have a lovely weekend, Lots of Love from London, Carole xo
Agneta said…

..... and just soo


..... love this post & your blog!

Agneta, the swedish one ;)
Flor said…
Look delicious!!

Después de comer tantas cosas buenisimas lo que tienes que hacer es ir caminando hasta Lisboa jajajajajaja.



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