The nice bar on the road

It is still a bit hot to walk from the village up to Nigüelas,
but it's worth it as you will find a very nice place on the road
where to stop and have a refreshment
There's a hammock if you feel like having a little siesta

We walked up there that day, but horse carriage is nice too....

Have a wonderful week end !

pics : me

Bar Osa Mayor (down the stairs)
Restaurant Atalayi (upstairs)
on the old road going up to Nigüelas


what a lovely way to spend the day.. Happy Friday my Friend..HHL
Spangle said…
What a beautiful place to have lunch. The hammock looks very inviting!

Great photos as always.
aguja said…
Idyllic! Spain is such a wonderful country with so many surprises.
Croatian_Latina said…
Just looking at your photos i was immediately transported to Spain. Very charming photos. and the carriage, Luv it.

have a wonderful friday my friend.

Susana said…
Lovely! Looks so hot there!!! It is getting cold in Manchester!
Oh dear, a hammock at the bar!
I am ready for a siesta now. Seriously. Oh the many ways to savor Espana! :-)

This is why I love your blog!
sacramento said…
Such a small world. I am looking at your blog from Berlín where I am spending a month with my eldest daughter, who studied in granada. As a matter of fact, we live in Jaén...
Love your blog and I shall be keeping a close eye on it.
Gina said…
Dear Lala, Thank you for sharing your little slices of your every day life. That way we can travel along with you.

I tried your recipe for zucchini blossoms, tempura style. They were delicious.
Hi Looks very very inviting, especially with the hammock to take a rest ... :-) I cannot remember how I found your blog but as you are only one I read from Spain I have put you on my side blog roll.
Amanda said…
wow, life looks good in your corner of the earth.

glad i visited your blog♡
Kristin said…
What a charming place!!! I would love to stop there!! Have a beautiful weekend, Lala! xoxoxo
River-Rose said…
Mmmmm... your photos offer such a casual and relaxing quality. I so enjoy following along on your journeys!
Scarlet Ily said…
Lala, I want to escape into your world, Chica! Hugs from Miami...Ily
My god you are lucky Lala...that looks like paradise :-) Thanks for your lovely comment and sorry for being a bit slow with comments at the moment, I don't know what it is, I just don't seem to get round to visit - must do better ;-) Bisous & Love from London xo
Tati said…
What a cute place to spend the afternoon! Love the hammock

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