Adios Granada and Bonjour Paris !

My lovelies, I'm going to Paris on wednesday morning and right this minute, I can't tell you how I feel, excited of course but also stressed and incredibly nervous

But why, will you ask, Paris in autumn is always lovely and fun.
Oui, bien sûr.....
But the reason I'm going to Paris is let's say 70% work and ok...70% fun too.

In a nutshell, let me explain to you, I gave up on the wedding planning.
I don't want to bore you with details and my problems but in the end, I found out I'm just a designer and that creating is my only passion.

So I'm back to square one really.
Many years ago, I used to exhibit at Scènes d'Intérieur at Maison&Objet to show my work.
At the moment, it's too soon to decide on shows and strategies.

I'm just going to feel the pulse and knock on doors, like I started at the beginning
and boy...let me tell you it's gonna be tough but I'm a brave little soldier.
Until now, I've got one rendez-vous confirmed out of 6
and I hope to hear from the other 5 buyers to whom I sent photos of my work for preview.

And, yes you can see my new notebooks collection on my new blog Papier mon amour.
Do hop there and tell me what you think !

I'll be back on september 16th. Gosh I'll miss you !!
It is not certain that I'll be able to blog from Paris but Monchéri is taking his laptop so I'll try
I'll do my best....Please don't forget me and wish me good luck !


pics : me


Henrietta said…
I wish you all the best on your trip,I hope everything goes better than well:)
LuckGreetings from Finland
TheChicGeek said…
Have a Beautiful trip!
Kelly :)
Spangle said…
Have a wonderful trip! I'll check out your new blog too.
David Engel said…
Hi Lala,

How beautiful... Autumn in Paris. I was thinking of going the first week in November.

As to your work... you're so talented you don't need luck!

Do stop in Laduree for me and have a Coupe Violette- Cassis or a Saint Honore rose-framboise!

Also... have you been to the Annick Goutal shop on rue Castiglione recently. Their scents are marvelous.



PS - i hope the photos of the man in Barcelona did not offend.
Oh mon ami!!!~ I was just visitng your new Blog "Papier mon amour" ... how fantastic, to be starting a new adventure ... I loved the story of how you got started and coming home to the voice message ...

You are going to wow them!!! in this world of Mass production .. your wonderfully handmade will be a warm welcome to those who appreciate "luxury and fine things in life" ... I'm so happy, that you are persuing your passion!!!

Enjoy Paris mon Cher ... I look forward to reading about your adventure on your return.. XO HHL
Croatian_Latina said…

good luck and have fun in Paris. We won't forget you and will be thinking of you. Now I'm off to visit your new blog.
Simply Mel said…
Lala ~

I'm wishing you all the luck and blissful success in the world! You deserve all things great and wonderful, and I know they will come your way ~ beautifully wrapped and presented just like your gorgeous creations!

aguja said…
All will be well. Enjoy creating - the joy is in the challenge and you are certainly up to that.

I wish you every success in Paris and time to relax, too.
Simply Mel said…
Hi Sweet Lala ~

As soon as we sell our house, we are headed to Europe! You will be among the first to know our plans!

You are going to meet Sande? How wonderful! I absolutely adore her and would have loved to have met so many of the lovely ladies last night! Wouldn't it be great to organize a blogger favorites weekend...hmmmm, something for us to ponder for sure!

Happy and loving travels!
Joyful said…
Lala, I'm sorry the wedding planner gig didn't work out for you as I really think you are talented in that area but you have to do what makes you happy. You are so talented as a paper designer. I wish you well in Paris, little soldier ;-)
renilde said…
Lots and lots of succes to you Lala!
I love it when someone follows her dreams and her heart.
Your work on 'Papier mon amour' looks beautiful,love the ones with the French texts.
Have fun!!
Gina said…
Bon Voyage, dear Lala. Your new stationary looks fantastic. You will blow them over with your talent.
Take care and be safe and enjoy your trip.
Simonetta said…
lala!!! boa viagem, boa sorte!! seus cadernos são lindos!!! quando voltar entre no meu blog de colagens
ah, nem me fale da zara...adorei a sua produção. e mais: já disse para o meu marido que vou copiar aqui essa moda de um bouquet garni no bolso da camisa branca, muito bom!
Mélanie A. said…
comment veux tu que l'on t'oublie . je suis sure que tes créations vont recevoir un avis très favorable. Je me languis de voir les photos que tu vas ramener de Paris
daizie said…
good luck in PARIS, your note books look lovely, maybe we should meet up one day when you are back in spain, i live in Almunecar, but in the rainy Uk at the moment until next month, but would be lovely to have a new friend !

Daizie Brown

Kristin said…
I wish you all the best, Lala!!! Good luck and don't forget to also enjoy Paris!! xoxo's Kristin
Theresa Cheek said…
You ARE a brave little soldier! Bonne chance Lala!!! Just follow your instincts and you will be on the right path.
Scarlet Ily said…
Enjoy your travels as you return to your first love. Beautiful site by the way. Love the books!!

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