Back from Paris.....

Dear readers, my lovelies, I wanted to title this post :
back from Paris, my eyes still filled with stars...

Mes chéris, en fait j'avais très envie d'intituler ce post :
de retour de Paris, les yeux encore tout pleins d'étoiles....

I'm knackered but happy. This French week has been more or less : meet, eat, pray....

Je suis vannée mais si contente. Cette semaine peut se résumer ainsi : rencontre, mange, prie..

On the work front, it has been tough but I expected it.
Still I'm back with a couple of orders and a project proposition which makes me dream

Côté boulot, ça a été dur mais je m'y attendais.
Je reviens quand même avec deux commandes et une proposition de projet qui me fait rêver

I was happy to see Paris in such good form, in spite of a second strike yesterday.
Of course I've got lots of pics to show you...

Quel bonheur de voir un Paris en pleine forme, malgré la deuxième grève hier.
bien sûr, j'ai plein de photos à vous montrer....

and what's more, because I missed you so much, I will have a Parisian giveaway
(a few items I picked at trendy shops)
in a few days, to thank you for having waited for me so long !

et aussi, parce que vous m'avez beaucoup manqué, il y aura bientôt un give away parisien sur le blog (de petits objets rapportés de boutiques tendance)
dans quelques jours, pour vous remercier d'avoir été si patients avec moi !

Just for now, I need a bit of legs especially
and apparently my computer too....
it's in the shop being repaired

Mais là, il faut que je me repose un peu...mes jambes surtout..
et apparemment mon ordinateur aussi,
qui attend sagemment d'être réparé

Hope it will be ready tomorrow so that I can resume blogging seriously ....
So see you soon ! And with photos this time !

Je croise les doigts pour qu'il soit prêt demain et que je puisse enfin recommencer à blogguer sérieusement...
À très bientôt ! Et avec des photos cette fois-ci !




Hi Lala .. look forward to your photos of Paris, I am happy you had a great time. I am doing my posts about Paris at the moment. Doing day by day of my nearly 3 weeks spent not just in Paris but down in the south of France too. It is going to take me along time :-) .. Thank you for your lovely comment as well. Anne
Dear Lala,
Been meaning to email you as I am so sorry to have missed you last week.......caught in the rain, couldn't get a taxi, and no working phone. I knew you were with no laptop so happy you are back and maybe next time? But I so wanted to meet you! Rest and much love XO
Sara said…
Welcome back Lala! It sounds as if your visit was a very very good one. I look forward to the photos.
Joyful said…
Glad you are back safe and sound from Paris dear Lala. I can't wait to hear about and see your photos, of your trip! Have a good rest.
David Engel said…
Welcome Back Lala!

Sounds like you had fun a Paris! I am glad.


Welcome Back my friend!!! Your wonderful words and photos of inspiration has missed ... catch up on your rest ... Your readers will be here !!!

Hugs..mon ami..HHL
Diana said…
Welcome back! I'm glad you got some orders, and Paris...ah, someday I will go there!
Gina said…
Dear Lala, Welcome home. I know how hard you must have worked. It is not easy trying to sell yourself and your products. But you have a very special gift. Your designs are like no other. You will succeed.
You are back and I'm heading to Paris in a few days.
Mélanie A. said…
J'attends de voir tes photos de Paris et les petits souvenirs
rochambeau said…
Welcome home and congratulations, Lala!!

Sleep well now.
Linda Sue said…
WOOHOO You are back! YAY! Missed you! I am enjoying your French /English translation very much- I have signed up for Beginning French at the college beginning next month.I am listening to French radio...I may be able to actually understand ...something...Love that you had a fabulous time and LOVE that you are back in Blogland.
Lala, welcome home and so glad to see your beautiful artwork on your new blog! Congrats on your Paris successes!

I have just returned from the awe-inspiring Andalusia (Seville and Cordoba) enjoying the narrow streets, the bright bougainvillea flowers, the tapas (and wine, bien sûr!), the rich textiles, the courtyards, the architecture, the tiles (OMG), the ambiance.... and so much more that cannot even be described.

I have poured over your postings on these places and wish that I had been able to see more of this beautiful area of Spain!
Susana said…
welcome back! can't wait to see the photos!

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