Shopping at Zara in Granada on saturday

If you knew the number of times, I told myself these days, no I'm not going back to Zara this week am not going to succumb to the cream/camel fever which is everywhere in the fashion sphere soon as I passed the entrance and saw the creamy knitwear, the sable pseudo-jodhpurs, the chapkas hats in fake fur,
me too I wanted to be a reincarnation of Amelia Earheart

Can it be that Zara Spain be different from the Zara stores in other European countries ? I've got the feeling, here, micro collections arrive very frequently and also, a few Parisian friends who came to visit told me Zara prices were lower in Spain. Good to know !

Among the trends this autumn are 50's dresses.
I tried this one below and hesitated for a good half hour.
In the end, I thought it would be better to buy a real vintage dress, non ?

Instead, I bought this lace dress to wear in Paris next week although the weather forecast says : rain...never mind !

I'm sure you must think....ok but wait a minute, and what are you going to wear with this dress ?

well....that fake fur vest...the one on the right
the dilemma was that as I was queuing up to pay, I suddenly saw another fake fur little coat which you can see on the left and in the end didn't know any more which one I liked best...

I'll ask Monchéri to take a pic of my outfit so that you get an idea.
It's a funny outfit with just a tiny bit of exuberance : black lace stockings, creamy lace dress, sleeveless fake fur jacket, raspberry felt flowers hairband, long black woolen mittens and semi high heels
in short, my kind of style !

And surprise surprise...talking about style...
After spending all that time in Zara lost in fashion considerations,
I bumped into a wedding party and when I saw these cool guys
this time, I really had to ask if please, can I take a picture of you ?

Aren't they cool !

Have the sweetest week end !
and a big big thank you to my new followers.......

ps : unbelievable but true, no one stopped me from taking Zara, I mean

pics : me


Theresa Cheek said…
Love Zara....can't wait to see your total outfit!OMG...those guys are great! Have you turned into the Sartorialist??
Bonjour mon ami... I hope is going well!

I too enjoy my trips to Zara .. their prices are great and the styles very in...HHL
studioJudith said…
Can't wait to see the pics of you
in your lacy / furry outfit!
Know it will be PERFECT.
Great group of guys ... .
my sweet hubby looks so cute in his
black kilt - but love this guy in his vest/boots/kilt. Well put together.

Yay for you to get that last photo of the cool dudes!

My dear, you really have a fashion flare -- rasberry felt flowers? Yummy!

The cream/camel/caramel is a delicious color palate.

Have a great weekend!
Joyful said…
Clothes look wonderful. Can't wait to see your new outfit. The gentlemen from the wedding party look pretty hip.
I have very few pieces from Zara - I adore the camel - seems to be in this season - autumn fashion. The boys are so cool. Enjoy the Sunday;-)
Salut Lala. Well, your style sounds GREAT! I like Zara, but am pretty certain that the prices are more expensive here than in Spain :-( Great shot of the wedding party, they look so cool and effortlessly stylish... Have a lovely Sunday, Love from London x
Gina said…
Dear Lala, Wish I could go shopping with you.
Thanks for the "heads up" on new fashion color. I may have to change my color choices for my upcoming trip to Paris.
Linda Sue said…
Creme coloured clothing will never win my heart like black does but then I am not going to Paris any time soon.Great choice on dresses! Love the lace one you chose. The guys are adorable and I can see from them looking at you they thought "that girl, ADORABLE!"
Cream and camel fever is not for everybody, but the palette would be lovely for you! I look forward to seeing your lace dress outfit.

And the wedding party gentlemen are wonderful. So handsome, and all with their own unique spin on the classic neutral menswear items. I hope they find your blog. I'm with Theresa Cheek: the photo is a catch worthy of The Sartorialist!
Please tell me you will get the lace dresses! :-)
Oh Zara! I can find timeless pieces from their TRF collections.

And I love men's silk scarves!
Susana said…
Me encanta Zara... y quiero explorar su colección para bebés!
Kristin said…
Hi Lala, I can confirm that prices at Zara in Spain are cheaper!! I loooooove Zara so much! I can't stay away either! It's my favourite store!!! Great finds!!! And have a beautiful new week!! xoxo Kristin
Holaa!! Ooooh I´ve just fallen in love with your beautiful lace dress, it´s simply perfect for any occasion!! Mmmm the problem is there is a Zara very near to my house, so difficult to resist the temptation...
Would love to see the complete outfit!!

Que pases una fantastica semana!!!
Anulka said…
Oh, I agree - these guys are really cool!
And I love ZAra clothes too. So nice photos... . Have a nice day!
The beautiful lace dress looks gorgeous.Zara is here in Malaysia but I hardly buy many clothes so, it's a hit and miss.
colores said…
Hello! I adore Zara and here in Germany is a little bit more expensive... sniff... in any case Zara is a MUST!! have a nice week!!
Croatian_Latina said…
I love Zara, Next time I'm there I will have to try to take photos so we can compare the collections. Yipee you got brave and took a picture (of strangers in the street).

Rain today! Kinda nice though for an afternoon nap with my little one.
Veshoevius said…
Your outfit sounds divine. That cream lace dress is beautiful. I can never resist Zara either!
Sara said…
I love your new lace dress! And yes, I love those cool wedding party gents in the last photo too. A great photo!
Anonymous said…
Bonjour ~ I love the white coat to the far right in the first photo, and the fun photo of the wedding party makes me happy, happy, happy it is Saturday and the entire day is before me. While my darling went to do some work, he asked, "What will you do while I'm away for a few hours?" My response, "The world is my playground!" Ha! Have a lovely day ~ xxxxx Alexandra

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