Autumn in my kitchen

This morning, I told myself, ok the kitchen needs a bit of cleaning but after, off to work...
I washed, I mopped and kept looking at the new cabinet, Monchéri put in the kitchen. Empty shelves to fill...a bit of wall space to decorate...Couldn't make me happier ! But I got carried away and finished well after lunch


Ce matin, je me suis dit, ok je fais un nettoyage express dans la cuisine et après au boulot...
Pff..Tout en faisant le ménage, je n'arrêtais pas de zyeuter le nouveau meuble de rangement que Monchéri a mis dans la cuisine. De nouvelles étagères à remplir...un petit pan de mur à décorer...J'adore ! Mais bon, ça m'a bien pris plusieurs heures cette petite déco

You know me, I like books a bit everywhere. The old Larousse classical booklets come from my mother's library.
Not too sure she would like what I did with the cover of Eugénie Grandet but don't you agree it looks great ?

Vous me connaissez. J'aime bien avoir des bouquins un peu partout. Les vieux classiques Larousse viennent de la bibliothèque de ma mère.
Je ne suis pas sûre qu'elle aimerait ce que j'ai fait avec la couverture d'Eugénie Grandet mais c'est plutôt joli, vous ne trouvez pas ?

My little decorative obsession in a kitchen is to mix food, books and perfume packaging.
A bit weird, I know but wouldn't be nice, if one day Chanel or Guerlain launched a line of marmalades or chic cookies ?


Ma petite marotte en matière de décoration cuisine c'est de mélanger nourriture, bouquins et emballages de parfums.
Quelle drôle d'idée....oui, je sais mais ce serait chouette qu'un jour Chanel ou Guerlain nous concocte de belles et bonnes confitures ou des galettes fondantes et super chic. Non ?

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Anonymous said…
Love your tiered bon-bon plates, and did I spy some milk glass on one of the shelves right above the drawer? Beautiful!

Joyful said…
I love the way you've decorated this corner of your room. Did you say it was your kitchen? The blue cabinet is divine and the linens too. I like the eclectic look you've made by mixing those things that are dear to you :-) Have a great week!
Lala -- Thank you for posting these photos. Your kitchen corner is adorable and I like the soft blue and your collected items. Very practical and lovely too! Can you tell us what are in the boxes under the cabinet?

Have a great week ahead!
You have a wonderful way of brining together the unexpected!! It looks fabulous!!! XO HHL
You know, that cabinet looks like it was made for that wall. It belongs there and nowhere else. You've done such a beautiful job:). I love the folded linen, the framed/hanging booklets and the little white bird. I'm itching to do something similar now! xo
maría cecilia said…
Querida Lala, me encanta, me fascina la forma en que haz decorado tu rincón en la cocina!!!... y ese mueble y su color es de los más bello!! Nada mejor que tener repisas vacías para ir llenándolas con nuestros tesoros, verdad?
maria cecilia
Mélanie A. said…
J'adore ta cuisine. je t'imagine en train de faire tes gateaux.
Merci pour m'avoir inclus dans ton giveaway
What a beautiful, unique kitchenscape, Lala!

I must admit, I am not usually fond of cooking (unless perhaps I have a big glass of wine nearby and a a candle lit for atmosphere), but I might be more fond of making dinner if I had a romantic and inspiring niche like that nearby.
Ann Nichols said…
So romantic and perfect! Isn't Under the Tuscan Sun fabulous? One of my favorite books too. Looking forward to see much more of your lovely postings! such talent!
aguja said…
Your kitchen is wonderful; a kitchen in which to browse. Thank you for sharing it. And I noticed 'Under the Tuscan Sun' which I am reading at this moment.

Oh, and are you doing your note books again???
Love the mix! You're one person who certainly doesn't need any advice on how to mix styles to create something unique... Really chic and cool. Have a great week, Love from London x
Carina said…
What a lovely corner of your kitchen! i am sure every little corner of your house looks like that.I can appreciate and admire it in other peoples homes but far to lazy to have to clean all of that all the time. Looking forward to see more of your lovely spots. Enjoy autumn, I am loving Spring where we are.
La Dolfina said…
It looks superb!
I love that feeling you get from a job well done!!
Anulka said…
I really like your "little decorative obsession in a kitchen". This mixture looks wonderful, oh... .:-)
Lucy said…
beautiful arrangement with your perfume bottles

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