Computer on strike.....

Crac crac boum....that's the noise my computer made on saturday morning. The poor one is now at the shop again.
I meant to work on my etsy shop from Monchéri's laptop this week end.
No Internet in the village.
Oh well, so today, my attitude is wait and see. At least Internet is back.
I think, I'm going to make pancakes.
See you on wednesday and thank you so much for your kind comments about my work !

Crrric....crric...c'est tout ce qu'a pu dire mon ordi, samedi matin. Le pauvre petit se retrouve encore à l'hôpital.
J'avais aussi la ferme intention de travailler sur ma boutique etsy ce week end.
Pas d'internet dans tout le village.
Bref, aujourd'hui, je suis dans l'expectative. Internet est revenu, c'est déjà ça et moi je vais faire des crêpes.
Je vous dis à mercredi et merci beaucoup pour vos commentaires très sympas sur mon travail !

pic from one of my favorite food blog La Marmite de Gaston


Joyful said…
Yum! Delectable pancakes and salmon lox. You always know how to whet the appetite. Sorry to hear you are having troubles with the computer. This morning mine was making funny noises also. I hope it is nothing serious. Have a great few days until we 'see' you again.
Denise said…
So sorry you are having computer problems and hope they get fixed soon. I enjoyed those delicious looking photos :)
Oh poor computer... my has been protesting a little the screen part of the lap top does not want to fold shut...

Those pancakes sound like a fabulous idea!!! YUM!!!!

La La I was looking on your blog for a link to your ETSY shop .. can you advise the link ...merci.

Hope you haveing a great day mon ami.. xo HHL
Sorry about your computer, Lala, but the pancakes....oh la la!!


Ann said…
Those are yummy delights...

thanks for the images...

and goodluck on your computer, I know the feeling and its not good.
Spangle said…
Opps! Looks like we are not the only ones with poorly computers (Luckily we have a computer as well as a laptop). I hope it gets fix soon.

Making pancakes sounds like a good plan.
David Engel said…
You are so great Lala! I love you, & the salmon doesn't look half bad as well.

Kristin said…
Bon Apetit!!! Hope you get your computer fixed soon :)

Kristin xo
Hope they were good! Been a long time since I had pancakes! Do share.
Kristin said…
Hi Lala!

Just stopping by to tell you that I'm hosting a new exciting giveaway! Have a lovely evening!

Kristin xx

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