Dreaming of a loft in my village

I love our house but sometimes I like dreaming about reinventing other places. I pass by this former olive oil factory while walking to yoga classes and I find it absolutely great....the doors, the arches of the windows, even the chimney.
It's been standing here for years now, closed, abandoned. I wish someone would take it up and transform it into a loft.
And I like to imagine what it could look like inside, once recreated into a home.


J'adore notre maison mais parfois, je me plais à réinventer d'autres endroits. Quand je vais à mes cours de yoga, je passe devant cette ancienne manufacture d'huile d'olive et je la trouve vraiment superbe...les portes, les arcades des fenêtres, même la cheminée.
Cela fait des années qu'elle est à l'abandon, fermée. J'aimerais bien qu'un jour quelqu'un la transforme en un beau loft. Et j'imagine à quoi ressemblerait son intérieur alors.

Perhaps something like Paola Navone's loft in Paris ?

Style le loft de Paola Navone à Paris ?

Or an artist's den like my dear friend Gym's restored barn ?

Ou un intérieur d'artiste comme celui de ma chère amie Gym qu'elle a créé dans une ancienne grange ?

Anyway my plan, this week end is to make a good cleaning in my workshop.
I'm planning to have an exhibition of my work at the end of next month.
And...hum...there's a lot to do, believe me...

Bon de toute façon, pour le moment, je vais consacrer une grande partie du week end à nettoyer l'atelier.
Je prépare une expo de mon travail à la fin du mois de novembre.
Et croyez-moi, j'ai du pain sur la planche...


pics : 1 & 3 me

2 - from here


renilde said…
Oh I can see what you mean,beautiful building that is.You're into cleaning these days,your kitchen looks fresh and cheerfull by the way.
Very nice week end to you too!
Lala, although that is a definite "fixer-upper" as we call them, I am confident that you could turn it into a stunning home or atelier for a group of artists.

Best of luck with your workshop cleaning.

Bon weekend!
Kay said…
I've always loved the old, charming homes and buildings left abandoned (which always captivates me) to invision and see how it could be transformed...

you're ideas here, wouldn't it be wonderful?

In fact, your own space was my favorite shot, looks loved through being lived in :)
Kitty Shepherd said…
Exhibition...yay hay, that's brilliant.
Salut Lala, yep, that's something I've always dreamed of, a loft in an old disused factory building, I know exactly what you mean.

Now the sad part: I do find a proper all-day clean and tidy quite therapeutical sometimes...I know, pathetic ;-)

Have a lovely weekend, Love from London, Carole xo
angel said…
Your workshop reminded me of scenes in Picasso's Villa La Californie. You must buy/borrow the book Lump, the Dog who ate a Picasso. You'd love it!
Patricia said…
I hope that you will share with us some of the art that you will be exhibiting...and,yes,...that building is charming!
Ann said…
That place is lovely...
someone should be living there and taking care of it.

Happy weekend too.
Carina said…
Me too!!! I always have renovating ideas about old buildings like that. Wonderful to dream. Love your friend's barn. Have a great weekend.
Kristin said…
Wow...inspiring pictures!! Hope you're enjoying your weekend, Lala! And thanks ford the welcome back wish! Can't wait to show you more pictures!!! Have a great Sunday! xx
Theresa Cheek said…
I want it! I want it! That is a fabulous building...just meant to be reinvented as a creative environment...maybe it will happen!

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