A funny Tupperware party in Albuñuelas

Yes you read right....and please don't laugh at me ! Yesterday, for the first time of my life, I attended a Spanish Tupperware party at my friend Scarlett's home in Albuñuelas. Now, Scarlett made it clear that the whole point was to have a nice girlie evening with no obligation to buy. And fun, indeed we had....We were about 20 women listening to a very enthusiast Spanish Tupperware instructor who made a convincing demonstration of : how to cook a chicken in one of the brand new polyethylene dishes, stuffed with lemon and rosemary, no oil, no salt, and then tucked in a microwave. Cooked and ready to eat in 25 mn or less.
Scarlett who is a very charming hostess knew, we would be hungry with all that cooking demonstration and prepared a lovely buffet.....

......which would quickly have vanished if the Tupperware instructor had not summoned us to the second demonstration part : the bolognese. Ah yes ? bolognese spaghetti cooked in microwave ? In no time, the intrepid Tupperware instructor diced the onions in a red manual mixer (from the new collection), then placed them in a special dish which goes to microwave, adding a bit of olive oil. And while I admired the quickness of the process, I was thinking, oh dear, but where is the charm of listening to your food gently frying ? Mind you, the result was grand...The spaghetti were also cooked in the microwave and were wonderfully al dente. It took approximately 20 mn all in all to have the bolognese ready. And when we had the pot all for ourselves, I just couldn't move from it and kept eating. Same thing with the chicken, it was just right, very soft and delicately perfumed with the lemon. Still, after all these quick tour de force, I kept thinking this is very convenient when you rush or when you run a professional kitchen but that's just it : I hate to rush in my kitchen or else I make a sandwich and basta. For me, cooking at home is an enjoyable time, not just placing food in a dish and put in the microwave. Yes, I love cooking food for hours like traditional French boeuf bourguignon or the gigot de sept heures (7 hours lamb). I enjoy cooking pasta in a big pot of boiling water and stir them with a wooden spatula, which by the way, stressed the Tupperware monitor is strictly forbidden because of the bacteria. Ok, in professional kitchens but please at least, let me enjoy my wooden spatulas at home !
So to conclude : I didn't buy anything, not for lack of interest, but I gave my microwave long ago to a friend and never felt the need to get a new one. So I never cook food in a microwave. And also, the prices were quite high and frankly at that rate, you might as well go for copperware ! With not the same quick results ...of course....

Naturally, the cooking demonstration took place in Scarlett's kitchen, next to the terrace which has wonderful views on the sierra and orchards. Scarlett and husband Chris are the dynamic and happy team behind Casa Amelia. She loves food and cooking. And she's brilliant at it. He loves her and her energy. They both run a B&B at home, organize catering while keeping on their cherished project of an ecological farm. I remember once, having a beautiful lunch on their terrace, a new recipe Scarlett was trying. We were all going mmm...oh yummy and Scarlett started to laugh, saying : And to think, this is work ! Isn't that great ?

So tell me, what will you be cooking this week end ?
Have a fantastic week end !

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Sounds like it was a wonderful time... the cheese and figs .. my fav!!! Wishing you a great week-end..HHL
Joyful said…
I cooked alot last weekend and this weekend I am sick so no cooking. I chuckled when you mentioned about the Tupperware. This Tupperware is very popular here in Canada and we love it. I myself have several older pieces which I would replace but sadly they no longer make the same things over time. I also agree if you have time, it is nice to slow cook ;-) Happy cooking.
studioJudith said…
1. I didn't know Tupperware still existed anywhere !!
2. I won't be cooking ... . not this weekend or any other ( that's Mr. T's job ) I only set the table :-)
3. Beautiful photos, dear lala !

Lala, I think that tupperware has changed quite a bit from my last experience at a party a loooooong time ago. My husband brought tupperware to our marriage believe it or not - hah - just for storage.

Cooking? Not this weekend -- I am on a flight 20k feet above Louisiana headed to San Diego, CA. I will be squandering my calories on some very fine food!

Bon weekend, mon amie!
What a lovely description of an afternoon spent with friends - the food sounds delicious, but I have to agree with you, nothing beats the sounds and smells of manual cooking. I love to sit on a stool and quietly stir, taste and add ingredients while I'm flicking through a magazine and listening to music. It's my time and nobody is going to rush me - the food always tastes better that way:)
Dorte said…
Love your description of the tupperware party. I have never been to one :)
sorry, but no cooking plans this weekend.
Theresa Cheek said…
Of course you are not attracted to Tupperware...I am not either! We are creative, artistic, hands on people! I enjoy the same things, the process of preparation is as important to me as the meal! Analytical people are attracted to the efficiency of Tupperware. I see it as cold and clinical!! Great post!
The food looks great, Lala. I always say that I'm the only girl in America who never had a set of Tupperware. I could live without a Microwave too. I used to use it as a bread box...now I use it to heat up leftover Chinese food. Tonight it's Manicotti and Meatballs.
Ciao -
Catherine xx
Mélanie A. said…
j'adore. Les photos me font saliver

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