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There was a medieval market in Granada until yesterday and the first thing I saw was the jaima tent where I sat down for a mint tea and a corne de gazelle (crescent shaped gazelle horn). A very nice way to start the afternoon !

Hier c'était le dernier jour du marché médiéval à Grenade et la seule chose que j'ai vue en premier, c'est cette tente marocaine où je me suis assise pour savourer un thé à la menthe et une corne de gazelle. Idéal pour bien démarrer l'après-midi !

I took the bus to go back home, around 4pm. No traffic at all, except for a flock of sheep which forced the driver to stop for a few minutes until they could slowly cross the road.
Love this kind of traffic jam !

Je suis rentrée à la maison en bus vers 16h. Circulation fluide, excepté pour un troupeau de moutons qui a obligé le conducteur du bus à s'arrêter cinq minutes le temps de les laisser traverser la route. Le genre d'embouteillage que j'adore !

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What a visual feast you see everyday one way or another Lala! Much love XO
Spangle said…
I remember being held up on the bus, by a lorry carrying palm tress, it certainly makes traffic more interesting. I'm glad you don't seem to have had the weather that we have had over the fiesta weekend. We have had torrential rain, wind and flooding!
Yoli said…
This is stunning!
Joyful said…
Looks like a marvellous market. Those are monster desserts! Glad you had a fun day.
Don said…
Sounds like a good day to me!
That jewel-toned tent is just stunning and those pastries, wow! I imagine those are pistachios in the horns. Would love to know about the pumpkin-shaped ones and the long rolls. What a beautiful feast you captured! Oh, and the sheep on the road...

Yes, you are ensuring my return to Spain - hah!

Sara said…
Oh those amazing pastries! I wouldn't know which to choose, I would want to try all of them!
That is a dessert lovers paradise!!! how wonderful. I'm with you on your traffic jam .. where we live it is not uncommon to have to wait for waddling ducks to cross the road ... XO HHL
SE'LAH... said…
loving the sheep crossing. take a moment and exhale. aaaah.

thinking of you dear Lala! hope you are having a fabulous day. one love.
Lucy said…
Those beautiful pastries, looks like some pistachio in the horns, have a good coffee and one of those for me!
A medieval market?! Sounds like a wonderful idea. What else can you buy? Do people wear medieval-style clothing?
A feast for the mind and palette.
Those pastries!;-)
Salut Lala. Beautiful, I love that tent, it reminds me of tents in the Sahara desert where I had the best mint tea ever... Living in London, I wish our traffic jams were like that, it sounds like heaven ;-) Love from London xo
Gina said…
Dear Lala, I would love to know what the "corne de gazelle" are filled with. They look delicious. Please send a few.

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