Little lace dress by Zara

Do you remember my little lace dress bought at Zara a few weeks ago ?
I love it to the point of wearing it almost all the time.
In Paris, earlier this month as the weather was delightfully clement.


Vous souvenez-vous de ma petite robe en dentelle achetée chez Zara il y a quelques semaines?
Je l'aime au point de la porter presque tout le temps.
À Paris, en septembre parce qu'il faisait si beau.

Here, at home in Andalusia, I keep it in my bedroom next to my favorite vintage dress.
May be tomorrow, I'll wear it again.

Chez moi, en Andalousie, elle reste dans ma chambre à côté de ma robe vintage préférée.
Je la porterai peut-être demain.

I've just spent some fantastic minutes watching the site of the Monet exhibition at Grand Palais.
Hop there for a fabulous and luminous trip through Monet's work....

Je viens de passer un quart d'heure très agréable sur le site de l'expo Monet au Grand Palais.
Pour un voyage lumineux au pays de Monet c'est ici...


pics : Monchéri, me


Lala, oh yes, I know that lace dress as it was perfect on the roof of Opera Garnier and it is looking fine at the Louvre! Have you worn that lovely vintage dress?

I had already marked the Grand Palais exhibit of Monet for my December trip -- can't wait!

Bon weekend!
Kay said…
very cute! Love how you matched it with the black
Amanda said…
you totally rock that dress ---- and as mon ami genie has said, bon weekend to you both!!

p.s. love the foto taken atop the opera garnier
Sara said…
It is a delightful dress and I can see why you would want to wear it often. I love lace. You look fabulous in it, of course!
aguja said…
Love both dresses. Great that you can hang Zara with vintage! Dresses are special in the femininity that they exude.
studioJudith said…
It is so VERY perfect !
I can see it having a winter life with a big sweater and boots .
Congratulations on your mention
at Be@Home ... . I was happy to see us both on the same list :-))

Theresa Cheek said…
You wear the dress well! ;) That is a fantastic shot in front of the pyramid! Thanks for the link to Monet!
Croatian_Latina said…
I love the black belt you used. Very classy!

have a wonderful weekend!
Agneta said…
This dress is like the most delicious cream cake, but for the eyes!


Gillian said…
Lala it is perfect for you! Love the tights with it also.
There is something magical about wearing a dress; I just started investing in them myself and couldn't be happier to get out of jeans now and then.
I just found a lace dress at Zara this weekend! Slightly different from yours--it is short-sleeved and looks a little more crocheted. Why they're selling a white dress at the beginning of fall is beyond me--but I still bought it. I'm thinking I can wear it with tights and a wool blazer.
maría cecilia said…
Lovely dress Lala!!! I love Zara, it´s in Chile too, except for Zara home que espero llegue pronto.

Vi que el 8 de Sept. fue tu cumpleaños y aunque muy tarde, igualmente deseo enviarte un gran abrazo y mis deseos de gran felicidad para tu nuevo año de vida!!!
maria cecilia
La Dolfina said…
I can see why you wear it all the time. Perfection!

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