A refreshing view

Yoga on saturday mornings is a totally new thing to me. And I love it.
My body gets addicted to it and my thoughts are light and happy.
This is the view from the room where Kelly, our adorable yoga instructor gives her classes.
It does help me to slow down on this busy monday.

Le yoga, le samedi matin, c'est tout à fait nouveau pour moi. Et j'adore.
Mon corps en redemande et dans ma tête, tout est léger.
Kelly, notre adorable professeure de yoga donne cours dans une pièce où la vue est merveilleuse.
Ça m'aide à ralentir le rythme de ce lundi un peu trop chargé.

Slow down ...it's only monday :-)

pics : me


renilde said…
Looks like a calming space, so nice these big,low windows,enjoy the yoga!
Vær våken said…
What a perfect room!!! Have a beautiful day, Lala!

Kristin :)
Kitty Shepherd said…
Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. This space looks very chic and the thought of yoga is lovely. Got to meet up soon Lala.
Joyful said…
It's a beautiful room for yoga :-)
highheeledlife said…
Oh I know what you mean... I go to Yoga clases on Tuesday mornings.. and even when I'm depleated of energy I somehow seem to make it there. Its here in the country and she yoga teacher has a similiar view..in the summer Yoga is outside... Nature such a powerful healer!

LaLa, if you have a chance please pop by for a visit .. I'm trying to coordinate a BlogLand Pen Pal Group ... and would love if you would participate.... xo HHL
Lala, I am traveling this week and added yoga to my regular workout routine... just did it today! So interesting that you would post on yoga. I think that when I get home I would like one day a week (for me it would be Friday) to relax from the daily grind!

Anulka said…
I love yoga, I practise it by myself almost everyday, so this place looks perfectly for me. All the best.
Salut Lala. The pictures of that room are enough to make me feel calm...I've never tried yoga, maybe I should... Another thing to add to my "to do" list then :-) Have a great (relaxed) week, Love from London x
vicki archer said…
Perfect advice Lala.....xv
I have never tried Yoga either , maybe I should, might be a bit more relaxed at my dancing class.:-) It is also a lovely room.

I see my friend mademoiselle Poirot is over here too :-)
Oh yes, yoga is so addictive - beautiful room!
Linda Sue said…
What a beautiful floor for the Yoga room. Monday is a slow day- my motor gets going maybe mid week...maybe not. Took fist French class last Tuesday- the instructor jumped right into MATH, of all disappointments! I hate math! Even if it is in FRENCH!
Ileana said…
Even the room with the view is therapeutic. Beautiful!

I did yoga back in the 90s. A 65-year old woman with a killer body used to teach the class and she was an inspiration. Miss that class.

Happy Tuesday!
aguja said…
A perfect setting for practising yoga.
Mu first visit. Never been into yoga
my best friend was really into it.
I need something to relax I paint.
Like the header, at first I thought it was the last supper, then I read the postabout the yoga.The floor is beautiful.
maría cecilia said…
Disfruta el yoga, Lala, hace tan, tan bien!!!
Denise Covey said…
This all sounds and looks delish. Good for you to be taking time to do yoga. The pics are gorgeous..:)

My French Blog
Unknown said…
I've just started yoga classes on Sundays. The sun pose is great.

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