We've got to keep going...

I'm so happy to be back in blogland, so happy to have my little computer back....and I feel like these guys I photographed last sunday in Granada...
Dancing on sticks and a long way to go !

Enfin, je retrouve mon petit blogland et surtout j'ai récupéré mon ordi...bref, je me sens légère et pleine d'allant tout comme ces mecs sympathiques, dansant sur des échasses que j'ai photographié dimanche dernier à Grenade....En avant toute !

I thought I'd just say a quick hello because I'm busy busy but surely you would like these pics of the vintage car show in Granada.
Oh my, these beauties....coveted by more than one

Je pensai juste faire un petit coucou en passant parce que je suis busy busy mais je me suis dit que sûrement vous aimeriez ces photos d'une expo de véhicules anciens à Grenade.
Rien que des beautés....et convoitées par plus d'un

And people dressed up too....Pretty ladies in gorgeous cars.
Enough to make you dream of good old days

Et puis, certains ont joué le jeu en s'habillant époque...comme cette jolie madame dans une très belle conduite rouge.
Douce nostalgie des années du swing....

and then I passed by this little cute one. So cute, I stopped its driver....

et puis, j'ai croisé cette adorable petite. Tellement mignonne que j'ai arrêté son conducteur...

...who very kindly let me pretend it was my little toy too for an instant and took this pic of me....

....qui très gentiment m'a fait assoir au volant et pris cette photo de moi....

Today I'm busy working on an order but this week end, I'll come and catch up with you!
To my dear blogging friends who asked me about my etsy shop: I hope to have it all set up by sunday. Thank you so much for your interest and your patience !

Happy week end to you all and a very happy Halloween !

Aujourd'hui, je dois bosser sur une commande mais je compte bien passer vous voir
ce week end. Merci beaucoup à toutes celles qui m'ont demandé à quand l'ouverture de mon etsy shop : j'espère enfin l'ouvrir ce dimanche. Merci de votre intérêt et de votre patience !

Un très beau week end à tous et bonne fête de la Toussaint !

pics : me except the one of me by the little fiat driver


Love the vintage cars and how lovely to dress up and enjoy the rides too. I have a friend who collects vintage cars.
Lala, so glad that you are back in the IT world! Your photos take us back in time with the fashion and fine elegant cars. You look quite the pretty lady yourself and that car is YOU.

Bon weekend!
Croatian_Latina said…
Lala, you look so adorable in that little cute car! Amazing photos, how fun you were there. Glad you have your computer is all fixed. You know I always look forward to your posts.

Have a wonderful weekend!
Lala ... these pictures bring us back to simplier times... elegance ! Wishing a wonderful week-end glad to see you back in BlogLand... xo HHL
Spangle said…
I LOVE the cars and the clothes!!! It's great that you've got your computer sorted now and you can continue blogging.
vicki archer said…
Happy Halloween Lala.....xv
Linda Sue said…
Gone are the days...lovely post, Lala!
Kitty Shepherd said…
Great post Lala, I used to have a Citroen DS in that very same colour but I let my ex husband have it in our divorce settlement, maybe I shouldn't have!
He had all the Traction Avant cars but then this was why I left him!!!!!!!!!!
Joyful said…
So much going on where you live. I see summer is in full swing ;-) You look so cute in that little car. It suits you.
Hello Lala .. such a super post :-) How great of the man to let you "pretend" too ♥
Mélanie A. said…
J'adore les voitures anciennes mais ma préférée est celle que tu as choisi . Une véritable petite merveille
Anonymous said…
I LOVE the cars and the clothes!!!Happy Halloween!
Bonjour Lala, thanks for including my favourite car (the DS) isn't it just beautiful... The other photos are of course great too ;-)

I know what you mean by being too busy, I haven't had the time to visit any blogs all week, I have had to take work home for the weekend and I have a mad deadline. I feel bad because I don't even have the time to do my own creative work either... Take your time and I'm looking forward to your shop :-)

Have a lovely Sunday, Bisous & Love from London x
Agneta said…
Jag älskar hela detta inlägg! Underbart livsbejakande som vanligt!

Carina said…
You're looking gorgeous in the little car. Would love to have a cutie like that.

Glad you're back and good luck with your order.

Have a lovely week xx
Those cars! Looks like a movie set. Don't you wish they still looked like that? Wonderful.
Catherine xx

Not sure that FB and I will be a match. Not liking it very much. Will let you know.
maría cecilia said…
Hola Lala, my first car was exactly that little one, a Fiat 600, it was about 32 years ago!!!
Good you have your computer back...what did I do before computers and internet existed????

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