In a festive ciné mood

The Age of Innocence
is on my top list of inspiration movies,
when it comes to decor and food along with Vatel and Babette's Feast.
It's the kind of movie which makes me want to be a cook or a florist.
I watched it again last night for xxxnth time and it's always the same pleasure.
I would have loved to be a small mouse on the set !

Le Temps de l'Innocence
fait partie de mes films préférés qui m'inspirent le plus,
en matière de décor et d'inspiration culinaire au même titre que Vatel et le Festin de Babette.
C'est le genre de film qui me donne envie d'être chef ou fleuriste.
Je l'ai visionné hier soir pour la iénième fois et c'est toujours le même plaisir.
Qu'est-ce que j'aurais aimé être une souris sur le plateau !

Enjoy the day, have a great week end,

And a very happy Thanksgiving to my sweet American blogging friends !

Que cette journée vous soit douce et passez un merveilleux week end

Et à mes chers amis bloggers américains, joyeux Thanksgiving !

pics : me from the movie The Age of Innocence


Gina said…
Dear Lala, and a hapy Thanksgiving to you and yours.
Agus said…
Estoy de acuerdo, excelente película.
Un hasta luego es mejor que un adios...
Isn't it a wonderful feeling to revisit your favourite movies? The Age of Innocence certainly is like being in a wonderland:) xo
Thank you for the Thanksgiving wishes... you would be welcome at my table (if you could tolerate all the craziness)!

Anonymous said…
Happy Thanksgiving to you, too!
Lulú said…
I adore movies like that. I can watch them over and over and over again. My favorite is Amélie.

Btw, we had a wonderful feast this afternoon to celebrate Thanksgiving. Eight hours later and I'm still full! :)

¡Que pases un buen fin de semana, Chica! Enjoy your food and your flowers! :)
I don't think it would surprise you that that's one of my fav's too! Like you, I've watched it a gazillion times. Don't you just love Joanne Woodward's narration? I read the book after seeing the movie and was able to read it with her voice in my head - which made for a wonderful reading experience.
I'm still full of turkey. Think I'll 'rusticate' today.
D.D.Lewis will play 'Lincoln' in Spielberg's new movie, I hear.

Catherine xx
Oh my gosh, Lala. Me too!!! So funny.
C. xo
Sara said…
You make me want to watch The Age of Innocence right now. That and Babette's feast I do love! I am not familiar with Vatel.

Such elegance and beauty, and all that delicious food....
aguja said…
I have missed out. I have not seen 'The Age of Innocence' .... I must find it, having read your post and all the comments.
Bonbon Oiseau said…
ooo-i am so inspired now...totallllly going to rent it now--thank you and hello again old friend...
xoxo, deb

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