Love love pomanders

Oh yes, I love making pomanders by this time of the year
but may be the first orange I chose this morning was too hard
as I quickly had a sore thumb !

Don't think I will have a dozen made today
it does smell nice though

Supposedly if you don't want your orange to rot too soon
you must fill every millimeter with cloves
but I felt a bit lazy
Are you making some too ?

Alors, oui j'adore préparer des pommes d'ambre à cette époque de l'année

mais la première orange que j'ai choisie était sûrement trop dure
et j'ai le pouce tout endolori !

Je ne pense pas que j'en ferai une douzaine aujourd'hui
mais qu'est-ce que ça sent bon

On dit que pour éviter que l'orange pourrisse trop vite
il faut la piquer entièrement de clous de girofle, au millimètre près
mais j'étais trop paresseuse
En préparez-vous aussi ?

pic : me


Dear Lala,
Of course I always think of you when I see oranges now (and gold coins, too.) I have a big box of Clementines in the kitchen and I'll be making a run to the store for cloves. Devine. I love your ivy wreaths. There was an abundance of ivy at my last place and I use to cut long strands of it and drape them over the doorways instead of evergreen branches. I put the ends in those little water tubes that florists used and hid them with gold ribbons. Water had to be added every day but they lasted throughout the season. I love your addition of crystals.
Happy Holidays to you and Moncheri,
Catherine xx
Gina said…
Dear Lala, I love to make pomanders. I use a knitting needle to first poke holes into the oranges and lemons and then I insert the cloves.
I also like to age them in a mixture of spices, they last a little longer but they are not as pretty.
Merry Christmas to you, dear Lala
Sara said…
Pomades....I remember those. We don't seem them much these days here. I remember making them as a child...we covered our oranges with the cloves...every millimeter, as you say.
aguja said…
And, oh, their scent!
donna baker said…
I too have had the sore thumbs. I didn't know about covering all the space. They do smell wonderful and make wonderful gifts.

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