The Desigual coat

I was walking behind this pretty blonde
and immediately noticed the Desigual coat.
Before coming to Spain, I didn't know this Spanish brand which
you can easily recognize with its patchwork patterns.
You like ?

Je marchais juste derrière cette jolie blonde
et j'ai tout de suite remarqué le manteau Desigual.
Avant de vivre en Espagne, je n'avais jamais entendu parler
de cette marque espagnole qu'on reconnaît facilement
avec ses motifs patchwork.
Vous aimez ?

I've just learned that if I had presented myself at the Desigual shop
in Barcelona, Marbella or San Sebastian,
on jan 7th at 9 am and in knickers and bra
I could have got a coat for free
Yes !
Yes but....brrr....
Hope they served hot coffee to the brave people who came.

I wonder why the Desigual shop in Granada doesn't organize this kind of
dress me up event
That would be fun indeed....

Je viens juste d'apprendre que si je m'étais présentée à la boutique Desigual de
Barcelona, Marbella ou San Sebastian
le 7 janvier à 9h du mat, en petite culotte et soutien-gorge
j'aurais pu avoir un manteau gratis
Ouais !
Oui d'accord mais brrr....quand même...
J'espère qu'il y avait du café chaud pour les valeureux participants.

Je me demande pourquoi la boutique Desigual de Grenade

n'organise pas ce genre d'évènement
Ce serait plutôt marrant, non ?

pics : me


Anonymous said…
Im from Spain and I love it!!

You have shop in Bilbao too. ;)
If you were in knickers and bra in January you would definitely need a coat! And what a pretty one. I never heard of this label. I love the idea that everyone could have their own signature patterns.
Croatian_Latina said…
Hmmm, I don't know if I would be brave enough to show up, but a free coat is a great incentive. heehee. Interesting pattern on the coat. Does the front also have some sort of pattern on it or is it a solid color?
Joyful said…
I love the coat and the giveaway made the news over here in my country. I think you would look fabulous in a coat like that!
great coat..I think they have a store in the design!!
Oh, I love it and it certainly distinguishes some ordinary jeans... Is it very expensive?

If you go to one of those bra and panty events be sure to take your camera!

Sara said…
Yes, I love that coat! I'd wear it every chance I got if I had one.
Never heard of this brand Lala but I think it looks like "your" coat, all that texture and interest. XO
renilde said…
I love the Desigual brand, beautiful designs, good quality/price and colorful. I first came across their clothes in Andorra, but they are sold here in Belgium too now. I'm a fan. x Renilde
Kristin said…
Hi Lala, the coat is beautiful! Hope you're doing great this week!

Kristin xo
Susana said…
I love Desigual... reminds me a bit of Custo!
aguja said…
¡Me gusta mucha!

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