The holiday is not finished los Reyes

Tonight is when all the small and big children in Spain wait impatiently to see what the Three Kings have brought them.
In all the cities and villages, parades are organized where kids throw sweets at the public which cheers them asking for more.
This year I watched the parade in my village.
I was standing next to my neighbor, a cute little lady of 80 something
who was clearly having as much fun as the kids picking up the sweets on the ground.

Cette nuit, tous les enfants petits et grands, en Espagne
attendent fébrilement de voir ce que les Rois leurs ont apporté.
Dans toutes les villes et les villages, des parades sont organisées où les enfants
jettent des bonbons aux passants qui les applaudissent et en redemandent.
Cette année, j'ai regardé la parade des rois dans mon village.
Ma voisine, une petite dame charmante de 80 ans et quelques
s'amusait presque autant que les gamins qui ramassaient les bonbons tombés par terre.

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Spangle said…
I usually go and see the King's parade in our town but this year, I didn't. However, we have bought a roscon for tomorrow's celebrations. Happy King's day to you!
It is amazing how the little ones will run to pick up the candy treats... thanks for all these photos. I love the costumes and the sweet faces.

aguja said…
Oh, Los Reyes! I went to the parade ... and forgot my camera. There was a fantastic dragon reaching into the crowds, angels, Roman soldiers, Caesar ... and Los Reyes. A wonderful display as we watched from the medieval market with straw beneath our feet and the smell of bread and incense in the air.
Gina said…
Dear Lala, I LOVE these photographs! Thank you also for introducing me to a custom I didn't know anything about. I love the idea of another celebration.
Yoli said…
This was our time to get presents when we were children living in Madrid. We used to hear how our cousins in America got them the 25th of December and we were so confused, it was just not a time to get presents then. I remember this day fondly, to me, it will always feel like the time to receive gifts. Celebrate dear Lala.
Baltazar, Melchor and Gaspar. The Three Wise Men. Everyday year my late nana used to give me a little pressie on the 6th of January when I was child. She was raised a Catholic.

Happy New Year!

Greetings from London.
Don said…
Growing up is sometimes overrated!
I would love to live somewhere where pagentry and old traditions marked the calender. It makes life much sweeter. I have the most wonderful book from 1956 of the Fiesta in Sevilla. It has 140 photogravure plates by Brassai. Amazing. I believe it's out of print, but if you can find a copy I know you would love it. (If you don't already have it.)
Have a fun weekend.
Catherine xo

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