In need of a sweet inspiration

With this little paper cake topper, I wish you a good and sweet start of the week. Lately I've been busy working on a project which needs to be submitted soon but until now I'm not happy with what I've done. So there's a good deal of sighing over my work table.
What do you do when you feel the inspiration deserts you ? Me, I stop everything and just wait for another wave of creative spirit.
Music also helps. My last obsessive crush is the Queen Symphony which I've been listening to non stop this past week end.
I've also been working on a few sweet things to put in my etsy shop. Hopefully, I'll be able to show you on wednesday.
In the meantime, stay cozy and warm and I'd love to hear what inspires you.....

Voici un petit décor de gâteau en papier pour vous souhaiter un très bon et doux début de semaine. Ces derniers temps, j'essaie de boucler un projet qui doit être envoyé très très bientôt et c'est terrible parce que je ne suis vraiment pas contente de ce que j'ai fait jusqu'à présent. Bref, je n'arrête pas de soupirer sur ma table de travail. Que faire quand l'inspiration s'en va ? En général, j'arrête tout et j'attends qu'elle revienne.
La musique aide aussi. Mon dernière obsession du moment, c'est la Queen Symphony que j'ai écouté en boucle tout ce week end.
J'ai aussi bossé sur des petite choses sympas à mettre dans ma boutique etsy. J'espère pouvoir vous les montrer mercredi.
D'ici là, restez bien au chaud et dites-moi ce qui vous inspire.....

pic : me
(one of my little paper cake toppers)



I really need inspiration to do anything--not just creative work, but even just to start writing an academic paper.

And this inspiration usually comes in music, poetry, films, dramas inside people, and so on.

have a great week!
tinsel said…
I go for a walk by myself.Look at colors ,the sky .Just step back a bit.Your paper cake is wonderful.
It gives feelings of Spring and all the nice things to come.
Gina said…
Dear Lala, I have a few glasses of makes me brave and I can consider brilliant ideas.
Perhaps it is the post-holiday doldrums but I am having trouble getting it together also... Rather than working, I am distracted by my travel photos that drift across my screen... For me, exercise at the gym helps (every day)...

aguja said…
I just wait for moments of inspiration, jump aboard and follow where they lead.

Incidentally, I have received lovely comments from the new owners of the notebooks that I sent out as presents. I really wanted to keep them for myself, but knew that they were going to deserving owners. So, you have brought much joy to the recipients.

I wish you an inspirational week! x
Have some cake and take a nap. I guarantee you sweet dreams and much inspiration. Bon appetit! I adore your cake topper, Lala.
Catherine xx
Theresa Cheek said…
music, definitely music!!!
I love the cake topper Lala! I sigh over my work many times before I can smile....
Anonymous said…
What a sweet cake topper! When inspiration leaves...I try to distract myself. Sooner or later it returns.
The only person I know that inspiration never, ever, leaves her is my sister, Hilda. She's creativeness in person!
Photographs always inspire me.

Most of the time, my writings are based on a photograph.
Words inspire me, which becomes one of the reasons I take photographs...

Inspiration comes at the oddest time and weirdest place too!

Oh that picture - it's so romantic :-)
Caroline said…
Such a pretty spring time cake topper. Ah, inspiration is sometimes so elusive! Delving into my beloved books helps sometimes - a journey somewhere or otherwise I just have to wait.....
Gina said…
Dear Lala, You have been awarded the Stylish Blogger Award. Here is a link to my post:


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