Pretty blossoms

Winter is playing hide and seek in Andalusia
and spring is already here
smiling through the blossoming almond trees

L'hiver joue à cache-cache en Andalousie
et le printemps est déjà là
qui sourit gaiement dans les amandiers en fleur

Wishing you a sweet day

Passez une belle journée

pics : me


Joyful said…
Gorgeous. We won't see blossoms like this until late March.
missing this view.
hopefully it will come soon enough.
pretty pictures
Spangle said…
Wow! These are stunning photos!
Lala, these are so fragile and lovely... gives us all encouragement that the winter will eventually leave us for a glorious spring!

Love these photos

Sara said…
Those blossoms are so beautiful. We haven't seen any blossoms yet here, but I imagine it won't be long....
Lia said…
Can it really be Spring in Spain already. Wow we're still shivering over here.
I never made it to Spain last year, I was just to ill in the end.

I can almost smell the Almond blossom just by looking at your photos.

Much Love
Gina said…
Dear Lala, I love these photographs...had no idea that almonds are so beautiful. The blue sky and blossoms is just what I needed this cold and snowy day.
Look at you guys....already springing!!!

Beautiful and luscious!!
Theresa Cheek said…
I have never seen almond trees in bloom. They have beautiful, very large blossoms! They remind me somewhat of our dogwood tree blooms. So beautiful against that blue sky!
Mélanie A. said…
je ne peux pas croire que les amandiers sont déjà en fleurs en Andalousie . Nous, en Provence nous avons eu la neige cette nuit
Blondie said…
Beautiful pics! Makes me yearning for spring weather and sunshine!

Hugs from Milwaukie, Oregon, U.S.A.

aguja said…
I saw my first Spanish blossom yesterday, but at a distance as we were travelling. It is so beautiful and your photography has captured it perfectly .... and a little early this year?
Kristin said… already have spring! I think I'm coming, Lala! I'll move right now! :) :)
two more months, 2 more months....I'm counting the months!
we'll get there! spring, that is.
those blossoms look promising :-)
Gorgeous flowers - a lovely welcome to Spring.

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