Raining in the patio

I live in an old village house where unfortunately there is no garden but there is a nice patio and a lovely roof terrace. It's funny to imagine that years ago, the actual patio was where the animals were kept : the mule especially which was essential towards the work in the countryside.
It's been raining since yesterday and the patio looks sad and in need of a good cleaning.

Leafing through the Spanish AD magazine, I was quite seduced by the very refreshing patio of Spanish designer, Miguel Angel Rodriguez in his little house in Seville.
Would love to imitate ! Ah...if I had greener fingers !

J'habite une vieille maison de village où malheureusement il n'y a pas de jardin. Mais, il y a tout de même un joli patio et une terrasse sur le toit très sympa. C'est amusant d'imaginer que dans le passé, le patio actuel était l'endroit où l'on gardait les animaux, la mule essentiellement qui était nécessaire pour les travaux des champs.
Il pleut depuis hier et le patio est tout triste et a besoin d'un bon coup de nettoyage.

En feuilletant la revue AD espagnole, j'étais ravie de découvrir ce patio très frais, du designer Miguel Angel Rodriguez dans sa petite maison de Séville.
À imiter ! Hélas je n'ai pas la main verte !

Have a wonderful week end
Passez un très bon week end

pics : me, Spanish AD jan 2011


Spangle said…
The designer's patio is nice, but yours is just as lovely!

I getting fed up with the rain/cold weather in my part of Spain too! Although it is a good excuse to curl up indoors, with a good book.
aguja said…
Yes, your patio has its own special touch.

We had sun today and more warmth, but the rain is due back on Monday. Good for the garden, but sun would be lovely as we have taken to wearing scarves indoors!

My daughter has a donkey path through their old Valencian house, leading to a patio which would once have housed the donkey. In fact only donkeys can really access her street - and people on foot.

It is a lovely feeling to know that the past is near and that other lives have trodden the same path and cared for the dwelling in an earlier time.
Joyful said…
So nice to have a patio and be able to sit outdoors no matter if it is green or not. But I know what you mean. My fingers are not that green and I long for more blooms and greenery in pots on my patio. Have a great weekend!
Susana said…
Nice!!! I like yours a LOT!

Feliz semana, Lala!
Lovely story about the animals and the donkey :-) .. I am sure when it is all cleaned up from the rain, your patio looks wonderful .. You can always put lots of pots of plants there. I have a huge garden, well it is for my part of the uk .. but I don't want it .. I would be happy with a patio and terrace .. Happy Weekend :-)
Gina said…
Dear Lala, Your sad and rainy patio is only temporary. I have seen what you can do...fabrics, potted plants, bowls of fruit, a bottle of wine, a loaf of bread, a bit of cheese, voila, and all is well.
Sounds to me like you have some happy decorating dreams that you'll be bringing to life. I'm looking forward to seeing what blooms. Enjoy your week ahead, Lala.
Hola Lola
Tu terraza es preciosa y seguro que con el clima del sur la aprovechas muchísimo,
Bss y feliz nueva semana.
Dee said…
Beautiful patio! I could spend all day there with a good book!

That made me smile...I don't have a green finger either and manage to pretty much kill everything in my reach - plants that is ;-) Never mind, I like your patio, it looks inviting and pretty. Have a lovely week, Love from London xo

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