Winter siesta

When I lived in Paris the word siesta implied something nearly sinful
like a waste of time, meaning non productive time, meaning guilty idleness.
Also in my former Parisian mind, the siesta was mainly a summer thing.

I'm glad it took me all these years of Andalusian apprenticeship
to discover that having a siesta in the afternoon is in fact the most wonderful way
to keep energetic all day.
And yes, even in winter. Especially in winter.
For me, it's like having 2 days in 1.
After a 20 minutes afternoon nap, no more, I feel regenerated and ready for more work.
So what I saw before as a guilty pleasure, has now become my daily useful luxury.
If you're an adept too, I'm sure you understand what I mean...

I wish you a wonderful week end
and leave you with my favorite pre siesta music
of the moment, Primavera by Ludovic Einaudi



Quand j'habitais Paris, le mot sieste avait une mauvaise connotation,

une perte de temps presque coupable parce que non productive.
Et puis aussi dans mon esprit Parisien étriqué,
la sieste c'est un plaisir d'été.

Il m'a fallu toutes ces années d'apprentissage andalou
pour découvrir que faire la sieste l'après-midi
est une merveilleuse façon de rester énergique toute la journée.
Et oui, même en hiver. Surtout en hiver.
Pour moi, c'est comme si on vivait 2 journées en une.
Après un somme de 20 minutes, pas plus, je me sens régénérée
et prête à me remettre au boulot avec plus d'entrain.
Ce qui avant me paraissait une activité coupable,
est maintenant devenue mon luxe utile quotidien.
Si vous aussi vous êtes un(e) adepte de la sieste,
alors vous savez ce que je veux dire...

Passez un week- end formidable
et je vous laisse avec ma musique pre-siesta préférée du moment
Primavera de Ludovico Einaudi

À savourer....

pic : me, my favorite eye mask


Theresa Cheek said…
Yawn....might have to try this!
tinsel said…
Why have I not thought of this!
Your little nest is divine. My husband is a napper extraordinare. Me - I will drink coffee and fight a nap like a prize-fighter. I'm a putter-aholic. Wishing you cozy siestas this weekend. (And always.)
Karena said…
I loved this so much when in Greece! Absolutely natural to take an afternoon rest, then be up late for dinner and enjoyment!

Come and join my Giveaway from Blydesign!

Art by Karena
Don said…
Yes to naps! They have to be short though or else there goes the day!
I'm so going to try and make taking a nap part of my day. Often I end up pushing myself way too much when I feel a bit of energy, trying to get as much in - because tomorrow I may have no energy again. One of my goals for 2011 is to take a little rest especially on the days I feel I have a bit more energy... happy new year my friend..HHL
Linda Sue said…
I am wondering how such beauty is possible- animals and birds and little crawly things, so beautiful! I agree- 20 minutes in the afternoon perks me up for another 7 hours! Your bed stuffs are lovely!
Croatian_Latina said…
awww that comforter looks so comfty!! I agree 20 minutes are plenty to make you feel refreshed.
Have a wonderful weekend!
Spangle said…
Being in Spain too, I know a lot of people who siesta in the middle of the day but I have never tried it.

I sometimes find that at about 4pm I have no energy and desperately try and fight the urge to close my eyes. However, I might try it!
abby jenkins said…
That looks so incredibly cozy. I adore your mix of pattern, and your philosophy.

Happy to have found your blog, look forward to perusing previous posts (say that five times fast)

Sweet Dreams!
Gina said…
Dear Lala, Your bed looks so cozy. I have never been a person who takes naps. That's probably why I can't stay up for (me at least)late dinners in Spain.
Have a lovely weekend, dear Lala.
Anonymous said…
What an interesting blog you have...I will be visiting often. I am from Spain, but currently living in Georgia, U.S.A. Hopefully...I will
be moving back to Madrid, by the summer.
Vasile Covaciu said…
congrats for your beautiful blog!
Greetings from Transylvania!
Salut Lala, I haven't visited for far too long, so I hope you are well. I have to say, I absolutely agree that there's nothing better than a 20 min nap after lunch and it really does make you feel fantastic. Shame I had to give them up when I went back into employed work... Wishing you a great week ahead. Love from London xo
I'm with you! That is the Greek way, after all. After reading a book about managing your energy and productivity, it seems a nap is the best way to keep going, to be more productive! It's amazing what a little, tiny shut-eye will do for the rest of the day! I think the US should adopt this idea like many of the Europeans have.
Happy Sunday to you,
Yoli said…
I miss siestas so much since I left Spain.
Sara said…
Ah yes, 20 minutes of rest does wonders! And what a cozy and inviting place you have created for your daily useful luxury!
PK Studios said…
Americans have a LOT to learn from the siesta... So restorative and important in our busy lives!
I think you've convinced me to take a little nap this afternoon once my son is down for his nap! My problem is disciplining myself to *short* naps when I do take them. I like at least an hour; twenty minutes is only a cruel tease!
Simply Mel said…
Hello Dear Lala ~

Finally settling into our new home and catching up with my favorites! Miss you!

I am in love with your outdoor terrace, and I believe you have a green thumb...can't you grow just about anything in your climate? I know we do here in California.

And now about siestas, nothing better! Especially when one adds a bit of my very favorite, Ludovico Einaudi.

Sending you lots of love,

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