You will meet a tall dark stranger.....

If someone had told me, in Spain you will meet a tall dark stranger, and live the passion of your life, I would have laughed in total disbelief.
First, because I was already in a relationship when I settled in Spain and second because the cautious Virgo in me doesn't believe in passion.
But then life takes unexpected turns.
I split up with my ex partner. So I ended up on my own, sad, not quite totally bitter and disillusioned with love but yes very sad and lonely.
A couple of years later, here I was at a party and I immediately spotted a tall dark stranger.
As silly as it may sound I knew it was him.
6 years have gone by and as the new year is just starting,
I realize my tall dark stranger is surely the best gift the Three Kings bring me year after year.
I also learned that bad times don't last forever,
and that passion mixed with reason is a good match.

Si l'on m'avait dit, en Espagne, vous allez rencontrer un bel et sombre inconnu
et connaître la passion de votre vie, j'aurais ri tellement ça m'aurait paru invraisemblable.
D'abord, parce que j'avais déjà un partenaire en arrivant en Espagne,
ensuite parce qu'étant du signe de la vierge, plutôt sage,
la passion ce n'est pas du tout mon truc.
Mais la vie nous joue parfois des tours.
Je me suis séparée de mon partenaire et me suis retrouvée seule, triste,
pas tout à fait amère et déçue de l'amour mais tout de même très triste.
Deux ans après, alors que je suis invitée à une fête, je remarque tout de suite
un bel et sombre inconnu.
Évidemment, c'est idiot de dire d'emblée, j'ai su que c'était lui mais c'est vrai.
Depuis, 6 ans se sont passés et alors que la nouvelle année commence,
je me dis que mon bel et sombre inconnu est vraiment le plus beau cadeau
que les Rois m'envoient année après année.
J'ai aussi appris que les temps difficiles ne durent pas forcément toujours
et que passion et raison font un bon mariage.

pic : Monchéri in my former room by Tim Irving


Lala, when you find the love of your life it changes everything! I subscribe to your mantra "passion et raison font un bon mariage" having learned that lesson myself. You are both very lucky and it is nice that he is (as we would say) a real "cutie-patootie"

Bonne fin de semaine, mon amie,
Linda Sue said…
The BEST love story!You are both so beautiful living such an idyllic life in a gorgeous part of the world doing what you love. Could it get much better?? You should write a "how to" book...
I love to hear stories like this--I've never had that "love at first sight" moment but I hope I do someday!
Joyful said…
I'm so glad you found your gift in Spain. Life is truly better with one you love and who loves you in return.
Mélanie A. said…
Tres belle ode à ton chéri
This photo is priceless! I love your love story, Lala. Best wishes always...
Catherine xx
Mysterious life...and the beauty of it all! Congratulations to you and your true love. Maybe it does get even better!!
Gina said…
Dear Lala, I love the way you talk (write) about your Moncheri. It doesn't hurt that he is also a very handsome hunk of a man.
Maria said…
wonderful story!
aguja said…
I love this tale of love, and would add that that is exactly what I experienced on meeting my husband for the first time - to repeat you 'I just knew it was him'. He was not 'a tall dark stranger' but he was the man I had been waiting for.

Wishing you as many years, and more, than we have had together.
Wow! What a beautiful setting and a beautiful man! Looks like a lovely life! xo style, she wrote
Lulú said…
How romantic and inspiring, dear Lala! I'm happy to hear that you hushed that Virgo in you just a little bit and let the love door open. The amazing photo speaks for itself.
A beautiful post, in thought and image. Your tall, dark stranger reminds me of a mischievous, sensuous Casanova here, or a seductive Vicomte à la Les Liaisons Dangereuses. Lucky Lala!
Susana said…
So romantic! You know, I also believe in finding la media naranja... I am so happy I found mine and you found yours. For us, we will be celebrating our 3rd year wedding anniversary next month... 3 years and a baby later, still madly in love with my darling!
Oh, dear, he even has the 'come hither' look! :-) Good on you for finding the love of your life. And good on him, too!

Greetings from London.
Christina said…
you found love and life in spain... i just wish you both weren't so far away. ; )
love to you!
Anonymous said…
I love this post!! I guess we share in common finding love in Spain. Although, mine wasn't really tall, dark and handsome...he was more kind of light skinned and chubby. However,
it has lasted 25 years!! Hope your last forever too!!
Caroline said…
What a lovely tribute - great photo too!
Yoli said…
Que bella historia! Lala I agree with Linda, you should write a how to book! You are a beautiful level headed Virgo, what sign is your beloved?
Tall, Dark and Handsome AND Spain ... definitely a LOVE story.. :-) :-)

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