Coming back from the beach.....

.....I kept working on a series of small summer notebooks.
First I made them in green but the colors of this boat on the beach
inspired me the bright yellow and orange combination.
The bikini and high heeled shoe are my favorite recurrent themes always.
I cut out the patterns so it's a bit time consuming but I like the collage idea.

En revenant de la plage, le week end dernier,
j'ai continué à travailler sur une série de petits carnets d'été.
Au départ, je les ai fait en vert puis les couleurs de cette barque sur la plage
m'ont fait aller vers une combinaison plus vive de jaune et d'orangé.
Le bikini et la sandale à talon sont mes thèmes favoris toujours.
Je découpe moi-même les motifs donc c'est un peu long mais j'aime l'idée du collage.

pics : me


these are so cheery and fun! definitely brighten up a day
Alette Siri Ane said…
I liked the green also,the shoe and the umbrella .All bringing thoughts of what is to come.
I am working on choosing colors too.It is so nice when I can say this is it!Lol I am not there yet.
Gina said…
Dear Lala, I love these little notebooks, especially the yellow and orange version. Your cut-outs are so original and make me happy just to look at them.
So cute Lala! You are amazing with a pair of scissors. XO
You are so talented and creative! J'adore the bright yellow/orange and the collage you have created with your nimble scissors. The boat was fabulous inspiration...

Colleen said…
Lovely! I especially like the orange\ yellow combination but then I am a bright color lover.:)

You are very creative!
Yoli said…
Lalita you are so talented, they are beautiful!
HereBeDragons said…
What an amazing boat! I really do like the notebooks, too. :)
Linda Sue said…
YES! Bright yellow especially this time of year when we are weary of bland colourless days. Love the shoe! Very cool!
( did you ever find Agneta?)
DolceDreams said…
These are beautiful Lala! I have missed you and am so sorry that I have not taken the time to comment ~ you are an extremely talented blogging friend, and I shall be better about writing I promise...
The shoes are fabulous, and I love how the boat was an inspiration. I am so ready for a beach, any beach :)
Joyful said…
So cute. It reminds me I need to find the cards I bought from your Etsy shop as I still need to frame them or have them framed and put up for my viewing pleasure :-)
Ah yellow....reminds me of the advent of spring! :-)
You are way too good with those scissors! My friend said one day she found holes in her curtains.
Her daughter has been 'making' patterns and designs out of their curtains! I said...well ...she might become a designer one day! ;-)
beautiful notes books!

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