My simple blue valentine on the beach

Give me sunshine....
give me the whole blue sky....
a bit of food, gentle silence,
tell me spring is forever living in our hearts
and I'm the happiest girl in the world !

Happy Valentine's to you !

pics : me, last saturday in Castell de Ferro


Gina said…
Dear Lala, Love your Valentine sentiments. It's actually a lovely poem. You should publish it.
Have a beautiful and lovely day with Mon Cheri.
Fabulous collage of poetry and photos... what lovely thoughts

Joyeuse St Valentin to you and Mon Cheri,

renilde said…
Warm and sweet, beautiful!
And I believe the girl you told about in your previous post is right :) x
...just beautiful, Lala...just like you. Happy Valentine's Day to you, too.
Catherine xx
vicki archer said…
Lala....this looks heavenly....Happy Valentine's Day....xv
I adore your love for all things full of sunshine and delicious goodness!

HerminiaRegolf said…
Yes, a happy and nice Valentine's Day!
maría cecilia said…
Querida Lala, espero que lo hayas dicho en serio, porque ya vendrá la proxima reunión de blogueras en mi casa y te espero con el corazón abierto, sería maravilloso que vinieras!!!!
Feliz día del Amor
Joyful said…
Wonderful photos Lala. Makes me want to be there. Happy Valentine's Day! xx
Gracias por tus palabras, yo también espero que hayas tenido un día muy feliz,
Un abrazo
Very sweet set of pictures.
My favorite is, of course, of you and your moncheri!
Happy Valentine's to you both!
una forma maravillosa de pasar ese día... y alguno más.
Colleen said…
Hi, I popped over from Joyful's blog to say hello, I was intrigued by the name of your blog.:)

Beautiful photos...they emit a lovely sense of warmth and relaxation. So very different than this crazy snow storm taking place outside my windows today!:)

Hope you day is lovely! Hugs from Norway!
Stephanie said…
Blue Valentine...warm and lovely.

hope you had a heARTful day.
Yoli said…
Que imagenes tan hermosas!
Kristin said…
Oh, dear Lala, what a wonderful post!!! Great photos and such nice atmosphere. I'm sure you had a great Valentine's day! Here it is -10C today. Brrr!!!

Agus said…
Me gustan!! qué fotos más lindas!!!
y las palabras también...
Karen Cole said…
Oh YES, that is how I feel.....EXACTLY.
Salut Lala, I hope you had a wonderful day. Those pictures are stunning and so appropriate in combination with your words. Thanks so much for your lovely comment. Love from London xo
this is my first time to your blog. you are a very lucky lady to be from France and now live happily in Spain! -Slavica
Azra said…
Beautiful photos! Makes me wish I was there... Hope the day was everything you wanted and more ;)
Mélanie A. said…
Cela faisait longtemps que je n'étais pas passée te dire bonjour. j'adore tes mots ... si justes .Et tes photos si parlantes

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