Baking break

This afternoon, I'm putting on my apron and start baking
in preparation of Monchéri's birthday this week end.
I wish I could whip up one of those beauties
but alas my skills are limited so I'm keeping
to the 3 cakes I'm best at....
This one, which is Monchéri's favorite
and the other 2, I can't say because it's a surprise
for the friends with whom we'll celebrate.

I'll leave you now as the crème au beurre au café
cannot wait !

Cet après-midi, je passe mon tablier et suis en cuisine
à préparer des gâteaux pour l'anniversaire de Monchéri, ce week end.
Si seulement, je pouvais élaborer une de ces merveilles
mais mes talents sont plutôt limités alors
je m'en tiens aux 3 pâtisseries que je réussis le mieux...
Celui-ci, qui est le préféré de Monchéri,
plus 2 autres qui sont une surprise
pour les amis avec lesquels nous allons faire la fête.

Je vous laisse car la crème au beurre au café
n'attend pas !

pics from here


Happy Birthday, Moncheri! What a lucky guy. I know your cakes will be amazing. Happy baking to you!
Catherine xx
Oh dear Lala,
The weather is so nice here in nyc today! I was telling myself we should celebrate St Patty's day by making homemade corned beef and maybe having a shot or two of whiskey or something ;-)
Then I saw these cakes!
I'll take a slice (or two ;-)
Enjoy baking! :-)
snoble24 said…
the one you make looks really cool. just wondering are those real flowers or flowers made out of iceing and stuff?
Linda Sue said…
These cakes are way too fussy- Your darling has much better sense as cakes go- yours looks best!
David Engel said…
Happy Birthday to the lucky guy! I want to hear about your cakes!

Much love,

Mélanie A. said…
Happy birthday, pour Ton chéri ...
Je suis seule avec Mathis ce week end et j'en ai profité pour cuisiner, notamment une tarte tatin qui attend Monchéri
Kristin said…
Such lovely images, Lala! And your header is really nice :) Have a great new week!

Kristin xo

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