C as cool monday & cake & Colette

May be, it's because of the change of season and change of time
but I feel easily tired lately so I decided it would be ok
if this monday was non productive.
That is, I tried a new recipe of orange cake which is quite nice.
And I plunged deep into Colette's Mes apprentissages (My Aprenticeship)
which a very dear friend from France found for me at a brocante.
If you like French writer Colette, you'll surely enjoy it.
She talks about all the prominent artists and writers she met
during the first years of her marriage to Willy and also how
her manipulative husband exploited her literary talent.

C'est sans doute à cause du changement de saison et d'heure,
mais je me sens vite fatiguée ces temps ci, alors ce lundi,
j'ai décidé d'y aller très doucement, pour ainsi farniente presque total.
J'ai essayé une nouvelle recette de gâteau à l'orange
trouvée sur le blog de Torchons & Serviettes.
Très sympa, la recette et le blog....
Et je me suis plongée dans la lecture de Mes apprentissages de Colette.
Un petit délice de lecture qu'une très chère amie de France
s'est procuré pour moi dans une brocante.
Les fans de Colette adorent sûrement ce petit livre où

elle parle des premières années de son mariage avec Willy,
de ses rencontres avec des figures du monde littéraire et artistique,
et surtout de son manipulateur de mari qui exploite ses talents d'écrivain.

And here's the recipe of this soft orange cake via the blog Torchons & Serviettes.

Et pour la recette du gâteau à l'orange de Cécile, c'est ici sur

son blog Torchons & Serviettes.

Ingredients :
peel from a non treated orange
10 cl of orange juice
180g of brown sugar
120g of malleable butter
3 eggs
50g of flour
50g of maïzena
50g of almond powder
1/2 packet of raising powder
1 pinch of salt

Turn on the oven at 180ºC.
Mix the butter and sugar brown energetically until smooth.
Add the orange peel then the eggs, one by one and mix well.
Pour the flour, the maïzena, the almond powder, the raising powder
and the pinch of salt. Mix well and add the orange juice.
Bake in the oven for 45 minutes.

For the recipe in French, go to Cécile's blog Torchons & Serviettes.
Enjoy !

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Theresa Cheek said…
It seemed to be a productive Monday....cake was involved! Thank you for the recipe Lala.
If you ever come to Oxford, and I am about , give me a shout , would love to meet you and take you around :-)

I think a lot of people are feeling a bit tired , we should be bouncing as it is Spring :-) xox
David Engel said…
So how did it turn out? Sounds tasty!


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