My inspiration today : colorful dresses by Miquel Barceló

Encore un seau d'eau
Another bucket of water

The first time I discovered the work of Catalan painter Miquel Barceló,
I was enthusiastic about his use of diverse organic elements,
like mud, dead fish, clay...
Recently, I heard him talk about his unconditional love
for the octopus, yes the octopus
and its capacity to feed from itself
and grew even more enthusiastic about him as a person.
Since a long time, Barceló travels to Mali nearly every year
where he established a workshop in the Dogon country
and spends time painting instant moments of daily life on paper.

La première fois que j'ai découvert l'oeuvre du peintre catalan Miquel Barceló,
j'étais séduite par son emploi de matériaux divers et variés,
la boue, des poissons séchés, de l'argile...
Récemment, je l'ai entendu parler de son amour inconditionnel
pour le poulpe, oui le poulpe, et de sa capacité
de se nourrir de lui-même.
Là, je l'ai trouvé vraiment craquant.
Depuis longtemps, il voyage au Mali presque tous les ans,
où il a créé son atelier en pays Dogon
et peint des instantanés de vie quotidienne.

Couple touareg avec 5 litres d'essence
Touareg couple with 5 liters of petrol


Femme trempée
Soaked woman

Marabout en moto
Marabout on a motorbike

4 femmes assises
4 seated women

Miquel Barceló's works on paper (2004-2005)

pics via his site


Dorte said…
I saw some of his work in the cathedral in Palma de Mallorca and became quite fascinated.
These paintings are gorgeous. Thanks.
Kitty Shepherd said…
Your header image is gone!!!!!!!!! Oh how I loved that you think we could have it at the bottom?

We are working so hard there has been no time for any fun what-so-ever! Catch up soon, I promise.
With what would seem to be simple watercolors he develops the characters and personality of the "instant moments" of the daily routine... what a tribute to this area and its people.

His art is bewitching..

Dee said…
Gorgeous prints!
Linda Sue said…
Oh La la- these thrilled an inspired me! I tend to get all tiny and finicky with paints- I love how the flow of these transports me into motion rather than definition. LOVE!
Gina said…
Dear Lala, Fantastic work. A truly talented artist.
Yes, I also miss your old was so unique and fabulous.
Theresa Cheek said…
"mud, dead fish and clay"'ve got my attention! He does great work.
Sara said…
What marvelous artwork, Lala. This artist's vision is so colorful and free moving. I truly love it.
To be able to paint like that! These are very special.
Catherine xx

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