Little week end mosaic.....

It was a long time, I haven't been to the fleamarket in Maracena, near Granada.
Surprisingly there were just a few stands,
but I was very happy to get a great copy of Kessel's Belle de Jour,
in Spanish though but never mind it will make me read more in Spanish...

On our way back home, we stopped in Monachil,
a little village at the foot of the Sierra Nevada.
We had lunch at La Cantina then tea at La Barberia.
Two nice places, cozy and sunny...

Cela faisait longtemps que je n'étais pas allée aux puces à Maracena, près de Grenade.
J'étais assez surprise de voir qu'il n'y avait que quelques stands,
mais quel plaisir de dénicher une belle édition de Belle de Jour de Kessel,
ok, en espagnol mais comme ça, je lirai plus en espagnol.

Sur la route du retour, nous nous sommes arrêtés à Monachil,
un petit village au pied de la Sierra Nevada.
Nous avons déjeuné à La Cantina puis pris un thé à la Barberia.
Deux endroits très sympa, agréables et ensoleillés...

pics : me, Monchéri


Love your new header :-) and this is such a fabulous post too!! Fantastick photos , thanks for sharing ♥
Mélanie A. said…
Les journées passent si vite ... cela faisait très longtemps que je ne m'étais arrêté par ici pour sentir l'air méditerranéen . tes photos sont ravissantes , une raison de plus pour moi de venir faire un tour en Andalousie
Elisa said…
I'm also trying to read more Spanish books. ( I know, it's my native language yet I have always enjoyed reading more English books, silly isn't it?)

I love your new header!

This are such amazing photos, they inspire comfort and laziness on a Sunday afternoon!
Thought of you this afternoon as I was watching a travel show on Andalucia. I do hope I get to visit there one of these days. I know I would love it.
Wishing you a happy week, Lala.
Catherine xo
Patricia said…
I think that I need to send you shopping for me!

Oh we would so love to visit Spain! Maybe this summer... we are starting to think about Europe already and we just returned less than 2 months ago!

Beautiful place where you live. Enjoy every minute! Paris is not so far away.

From your Seductively French friends!

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