Loving this.....

Every morning I receive the FashionMag newsletter in my mail
and while strolling down I found these photographs
from Italian magazine Tar which just make my day.
They show Setsuko Klossowska de Rola and Harumi
the wife and daughter of late painter Balthus,
in the magnificent setting of the Grand Chalet de Rossinière, in Switzerland
where the painter lived with his wife and daughter until his death in 2001.

Setsuko wears a black gown by Roberto Cavalli
and Harumi wears her own kimono.
I love the sense of quiet and pleasant serenity
which are palpable in these images and the richness of prints.

Tous les matins, je reçois le FashionMag dans mon mail,
et en parcourant tous les articles, j'ai trouvé cette merveilleuse photo
de la femme et la fille de Balthus, Setsuko Klossowska de Rola et Harumi,
dans le cadre somptueux du Grand Chalet de Rossinère, en Suisse,
où le peintre a vécu avec sa femme et sa fille, jusqu'à sa mort en 2001.

Setsuko porte une robe de Roberto Cavalli
et Harumi porte son propre kimono.
J'adore cette impression de calme et de sérénité
qui se dégage de ces images, ainsi que la richesse des imprimés.

Above is a scanned photograph of the Chalet,
which today is the Balthus Foundation site,
and the painter and his wife.
I'm into painters biographies at the moment
and bought a short biography of Balthus some time ago.

Again, looking at the couple,
I'm totally enthralled by the rich combination of prints
and their harmonious match.

Ci-dessus, une photo scannée du Chalet, qui aujourd'hui
est le site de la Fondation Balthus et du couple.

En ce moment, je suis dans une période de lecture
de biographies d'artistes et j'ai acheté une courte bio
de Balthus, il y a quelques mois.

Là encore, en regardant cette photo du couple,
je suis fascinée par l'heureuse harmonie des imprimés
et leur belle conjugaison.

Wishing you a beautiful harmonious week end ......

edit to post : only now, I've been aware of blogging silent day for Japan, today,
and also posting about Setsuko, I cannot but think and pray for better days,
and lesser hardships soon in Japan.

pics : 1 - via fashionmag via Pattern People,

an incredibly fabulous blog about prints
2 - scanned from Balthus, a compilation
of conversations with the artist by Cristina Carrillo de Albornoz


renilde said…
Yes very atmospheric, beautiful, a different,attractive world.
I love his work, should read that biography, a glimpse of the man behind the work can be very intriguing and enlightening, thanks, x.
Beautiful! Thank you for posting!
Diana said…
These are rich and beautiful, thank you for sharing them.
aguja said…
Thank you for sharing such amazing photographs - full of atmosphere and charm.

I can see how they nmade your day.
Merisi said…
Thank you,
for this cornucopia of beauty,
and the thought behind it.
Beautiful and so serene... Thanks for sharing, have a lovely week, bisous xo
These are quite rich and elegant photos!
That photograph of Setsuko wearin black gown is just so intense! Beautiful!

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