The romantic roofs in Granada

Yesterday, I went to see my friend Josiane
who's decorating an apartment in the old part of Granada, the Albaycin.
She showed me the roof terrace and oh how I love these roofs....

Hier je suis passée voir mon amie Josiane
qui décore un appartement dans le vieux quartier de Grenade, l'Albaycin.
Elle m'a montré la terrasse sur le toit et que c'est beau, tous ces toits !

When I lived in Paris, I used to say
nothing is more poetic than the toits de Paris
and now that I live in Andalucia,
there is nothing I found more romantic
than the tiled roofs in Granada

Quand je vivais à Paris, je trouvais
qu'il n'y avait rien de plus poétique que les toits de Paris
et maintenant que j'habite en Andalousie,
je trouve que les toits de tuile de Grenade
sont tout ce qu'il y a de plus romantique

Happy week end !

pics : me

ps : some of you told me you missed my former header.
I put it on my sidebar with the before and after shooting.
I know it's not much of a compensation because it smaller,
but I hope you'll like it !


Diana said…
I love these roofs too! In my native San Diego, terra cotta roofs were common, and so lovely. here in the NE USA, we don't see them much.

Have a wonderful weekend!
studioJudith said…
Beautiful photos, Lala !
The subtle textures and monochromatic tones are just dreamy.

I'm liking the new header -

Linda Sue said…
SPLENDID photos of roof tops! Gorgeous roof tops! I want to leap across them or pour milk on them and gobble them up ( I am hungry and everything looks like food to me now)
AND thanks I re-found Agneta. xxxooo
Kitty Shepherd said…
Lovely photographs Lala. and yes tea in the sun would be very nice indeed sometime soon.
Bonsoir Lala. Those pictures are so romatic and beautiful - you are so right, there really is something very poetic about them...

As for your new blog header: I think it looks great and breaks with the usual width which is a good thing.

Also, you really put me to shame with all your lovely comments on my blog. Thank you so much, I appreciate every single one of them! I just feel like the worst blogger ever at the moment for seemingly not managing to visit my favourite blogs (like yours) as often as I want - life seems to have different plans for me every day!

I hope you are well in your sunny part of the world. Have a wonderful weekend, Bisous & Love from London xo
Patricia said…
I love these shots of rooftops but I am in love with your photograph of the house with the muraled walls.
Thank you for the inspiration.
Gina said…
Dear Lala, Love the color (or non color) of your rooftops. They fit in so perfectly. Leave it to you to make a roof a fine art painting.
cathy@home said…
Lovely photographs Lala, i can see what you mean the tiles is so colorful and as I remember they seem to change color at different times of day
Susana said…
Beautiful... we will miss things like these when we move to London!
Great! What other thing could I say? I´m in loved with Andalucía and Granada is a andalusí jewel
Okay, that's it...I'm moving to Granada. I like your new header, Lala.
Catherine xx
aguja said…
Siempre, siempre - I am mesmerised by tiles and roof tops. It began when I could see only rooftops and sky as I lay in bed ill, on only a few occasions, as a child. I just can't shake them off ... so I adore this post.

Also ... the favours have arrived and they are exquisite.

¡Hasta domingo proximo!
Don said…
I love those tiles too! They're just so earthy.

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