The happy lazy cats..... a way I wish I were one of them today,
ah the sweet life of a happy cat...
they're little kings at my friend Josiane's place
and yes today I wouldn't mind being one of them,
I'm busy like a little bee and soon
my pretty pinny will be in my etsy shop !
but instead of showing you pins and fabric
I thought you might prefer pics of a quiet lazy sunday lunch

.....aujourd'hui ça ne m'aurait pas déplu d'être un chat
heureux et paresseux....d'être traité comme un petit roi
comme les chats bienheureux de mon amie Josiane.
Mais je me suis transformée en petite fourmi
affairée avec mes aiguilles et mon dé à coudre
et bientôt, mon joli tablier sera dans ma boutique etsy !
Et j'ai pensé, plutôt que de vous montrer
ma machine à coudre, c'est plus sympa de
vous faire partager un dimanche tout en paresse et douceur

pics : me


I think I would have to be one of the lazy cats too.. lounging in the sun .. or maybe I might just have to be at the table with the gorgeous little coffee cups, cake and wine :-) what a choice !!
Agus said…
Las tazas doradas le dá un toque de glamour a la mesa, hace dos días las ví en un tienda y me llamó la atención....El vino muy bueno....Feliz día!!
studioJudith said…
Always such a treat to visit your world - though I've not been around bloglandia for a while, it's great to find you again!

Elisa said…
I wouldn't mind being a cat for a day!LOL, no worries, no stress, no money problems, yes I can be a cat for a day!
Karena said…
Lovely serene images. I have a Himalyan, Miss Belle!!

Art by Karena
Patricia said…
I would be most happy to curl up with a view of the pink wall with the potted aloe plant! Such a great place to be for happy cats.
Beyond Timid said…
They're so cute! I also love the pictures.
Linda Sue said…
Thank you for taking us along, LALA. Fabulous day! I wouldn't mind being one of those cats- living there and being babied. How lovely!
renilde said…
You captured that lazy mood in wonderful photos.
Yep, would love to be one of those cats...though my favourite pic has to be number 6. It looks like the perfect after-lunch-relaxed-time! Brilliant. xo
Lynne said…
knew i'd find a dose of beauty here:)
hullo darlin'
Yoli said…
Lovely cats, idyllic surroundings and perfect food. Oh and whomever has that fabulous peony shirt kudos to him!
Kristin said…
Now you're amazing me! I love these photos too! So cozy and peaceful surroundings! I believe those cats are living a good life! And I love your coffee cups!!!

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