Keep calm and hug a tree....

When I took this pic two weeks ago, by the side of the road,
it was very tempting to run towards this proud lonely tree
and hug it.
This image has been on my desktop since
and this peaceful patch of heaven
has dictated my motto of the past week
Keep calm and hug a tree....and in case
there's no tree around, hug your loved ones...

Quand j'ai pris cette photo, il y a quinze jours,
sur le bord de la route, j'étais très tentée
de courir vers cet arbre fier et solitaire
et de l'étreindre .
J'ai gardé la photo sur le bureau de mon ordi
et ce petit coin de terre paisible
m'a inspiré le mot d'ordre de la semaine
Rester calme et étreindre un arbre...
et dans le cas où il n'y a pas d'arbre,
étreindre une personne qu'on aime...

Have a wonderful week end
Passez un merveilleux week end

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Mélanie A. said…
tres belle photo, si parlante
Gina said…
Dear Lala, Just looking at your beautiful photograh makes me feel serene. The little house, the large expansive green and that lovely tree...all so perfect.
Have a wonderful weekend, my dear friend.
Diana said…
So simple and so beautiful, thank you for sharing it, I needed it today.
Beyond Timid said…
The location is so idyllic and tranquil. Great job on the photo. If only I could escape to that kind of place after a hard school day. :P
Patricia said…
Excellent advice for where ever you are.
Spangle said…
What a beautiful photo and what great advice.
What an exquisite portrait of the countryside with its focal tree, gentle slopes and a thousand shades of green... lovely, my dear.

Theresa Cheek said…
That shot is amazing! Those vineyards seem to go on forever. Great post!
Amazing photo .. what a fabulous place :-)
Beautiful picture! It's been a long time since I've hugged a tree... :-D xo
Kristin said…
Is this near where you live? It's absolutely beautiful! Wish I had a space like that near my home!

I have been searching for this post for a few days ... My friend wants to have alook .. you know when you can picture it , but haven't book marked it .. It is now !!

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