What was I doing ?

Oh dear.....yes, where I was ?

I can't even say I was busy painting like this charming lady
whom I photographed last tuesday in the middle of the
traditional spring house painting.....
Well, I just got busy with my sewing project and didn't see time flying !

Mes pauvres lecteurs ont dû se demander mais enfin, où est-elle passée ?
eh bien non....je n'étais pas occupée à des travaux de peinture
comme cette charmante petite dame que j'ai prise en photo
mardi dernier en pleins travaux de lifting traditionnel de printemps....
J'étais tout simplement trop prise par mes travaux de couture
et n'ai pas vu le temps passer !

pic : me


PK Studios said…
I love this photo....taking pride in her home even though I'm sure her shoulders will feel it later. (I must be getting old thinking these thoughts!) Reminds me I better start on my deep spring cleaning before summer is here!!
This lady looks like she really knows what she's doing...look at the expert way she holds the bucket in one hand, and how she put newspapers up to keep the paint from marring the tiles below....even the wind doesn't seem to bother her. I've never seen a round paintbrush like that one before.

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