The Andalusian allure

Frankly, I don't know what seduces me most
The allure of Andalusian men riding a horse
or the horses themselves ?

J'avoue que je ne sais pas ce qui me séduit le plus,
l'allure des Andalous à cheval
ou simplement leurs chevaux ?

Have a wonderful week end
Passez un merveilleux week end

pics : me
the start of the Rocio in Granada, this morning


Beyond Timid said…
The last guy looked nice in the picture. ;P
But nothing beats the horses. :D
Wonderful photos....they look so classy in their tailored short jackets and those hats.
Men or horses..........both? Looks like summer is underway in your part of the world lala and hope you enjoy every minute of it. Sorry I haven't been around much, not much blogging and going to a Northern Ontario cottage for the month of July. A little time off from blogging never hurts now and again after 2 1/2 yrs. (in my case). Have a wonderful summer lala and too bad we were stranded the night we were too meet you. Another time i hope. XOXO
Elisa said…
I find horses to be very mystical animals. I especially love that photo with the kids. the little girl with her beautiful and colorful dress and the little boy all dressed up and with his hat, too darling!

Have a wonderful weekend.
Patricia said…
Oh I do believe that the horses far surpass their riders. What magnificent beasts!
Theresa Cheek said…
The horses ARE wonderful,,,but it is the men that make me look twice!
aguja said…
The combination of horse and rider is very seductive ... but the horses are more magnificent than the men!
Oh be still my heart! Those horses...those horses. There was a beautiful Andalusian here at our riding club...I loved his flowing mane!
L0 said…
Oh, god. I am totally IN LOVE with Your blog!!!! great pictures, and I would say: both - horses AND men :)
donna baker said…
Oh the horses! I have always loved Andalusians and these were such a treat for the eyes.
The men, no the horses, no the men...can I choose both? Those pictures are beautiful. I hope you're well and wish you a good week. Love from London xo
Monica said…
HORSES ... HANDS DOWN! Especially the Jerez Andalusians

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