Having tea at Ladurée, Covent Garden with the delightful Mademoiselle Poirot

I was so thrilled to meet Carole aka Mademoiselle Poirot, last saturday
at Ladurée in Covent Garden...
I've been following Carole's blog for a while and I'm a great fan of
her enchanting Anglo/French world and sense of humor so it seemed perfectly natural
to ask her, oh please let's meet when I'm in London !
And we did have a great time, talking about life, blogging and what not,
all this in French and I must thank Monchéri who was with us, for his patience
as he couldn't take part to the conversation...still he was quite happy in the sweet ambiance of
Ladurée and of course the delicious pastries were also the highlight of that very rainy afternoon!

Quel plaisir d'avoir rencontré Carole alias Mademoiselle Poirot,
au salon Ladurée de Covent Garden, samedi dernier !
Cela fait quelque temps que je suis le blog de Carole et j'aime beaucoup
son univers anglais/français et son sens de l'humour. Donc, ça m'a paru très naturel
de lui proposer que l'on se rencontre. Et nous avons passé un moment très agréable,
à parler de nous, de tout en vrac, du monde des bloggers, tout ça en français et
je dois remercier Monchéri pour sa patience angélique car il n'a pas pu capter un
seul mot de notre conversation....mais la douce ambiance feutrée de Ladurée et
les délicieuses pâtisseries l'ont complètement séduit surtout qu'il pleuvait ce jour-là !

I pray that Ladurée opens a branch if not in Granada, in Madrid,
please oh please.....
so that we can have these sumptuous pastries more often
Je prie pour que Ladurée ouvre une boutique, si ce n'est à Grenade, à Madrid,
oh oui s'il vous plaît,
pour que nous puissions nous délecter plus souvent de
ces merveilles

Carole had a religieuse à la rose, Monchéri, a classical tarte au citron
et moi, my favorite Ispahan...
The name only suffices to make me salivate....
I discovered this marvel created by Pierre Hermé,
on my last visit to London with Monchéri,
at Ladurée, Harrods
and since then I cannot dream of a more perfect combination :
rose-flavored cream + a floral note of litchee + strong note of raspberry
a heavenly explosion in your palate !

Carole a choisi une religieuse à la rose, Monchéri, une tarte au citron
et moi, mon Ispahan chéri.
Le nom seul suffit à me faire saliver...
J'ai découvert cette merveille,
lors de ma dernière visite à Londres avec Monchéri,
au Ladurée de Harrods
et depuis, je ne connais pas de combinaison plus harmonieuse :
crème à la rose + note florale du litchi + note puissante de la framboise
un plaisir divin en bouche !

And here we are, Carole and me, once there was no more pastry on the table.....
Et nous voici, Carole et moi, une fois que les pâtisseries aient disparu de la table....

pics : me, and last one by Monchéri


How delightful that you and Carole were able to meet and in such a gorgeous setting. Still sorry those darn Paris taxi's made me miss our meeting on that rainy night. Another time I hope! Great photos too. XO
linda said…
what a beautifully delicious post....thank you for all those wonderful photos of your visit...if only they were in petaluma california but have yet to see anything like ... well...anything here!

vicki archer said…
These Laduree shots are gorgeous Lala.......happy Sunday, xv.
Bonjour Lala, your photos are wonderful and the one of us reminds me so much of the fun we had :-) It turned out a lot better than the ones on my camera. Thanks for your lovely words, I really hope we can meet up again soon. Bisous xo PS: email will follow ;-)
Woohoo How amazing .. I think it is fab to read about bloggers meeting up, especially when I follow both of you.. it must of been a brilliant meeting :-) :-) xx
Zelda said…
Beautifull picture u did and they were civilized enough to let u take them . Here in Kuwait they arrest you for pulling ur iPhone to immortalized the moment of true happiness - well they don't allow u to take picture in public places .
You are both so beautiful....and what a lovely, lovely meeting. Those pastries..."sumptuous" is the perfect word to describe how they look, and I can only imagine how sumptuous they also tasted!
aguja said…
Such elegance ... and the excitement of meeting a fellow blogger. Your adventure is escalating ..... and yummy!
Linda Sue said…
Sweet and lovely! London envy, here...Pastry envy as well!
Theresa Cheek said…
Your pictures are almost paintings! I do love the pink border. Thank you for a wonderful post!
Mélanie A. said…
C'est super que tu aies pu rencontrer Melle Poirot , je suis en train de réfléchir à des adresses pour te les faire parvenir. Ta collection est superbe
Georgianna said…
I saw Carole's photos and now am happy to see yours, too. Oh, I would have loved to have joined you! Darling photo of you and Carole! – g

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