Glamping in Cortes de la Frontera at Hoopoe Yurt Hotel

Monchéri enjoys camping but me I prefer glamping and
I was so excited to discover this amazing yurt hotel near Jerez,
tucked in a beautiful grove of olive and cork trees,
totally ecological and greatly decorated.
Yes, this is no doubt my future destination
in Spain....glamping at its best !

Monchéri aime le camping mais moi je préfère le glamping
et j'ai découvert avec un grand bonheur ce yourte-hôtel près de Jerez,
au milieu des oliviers et des chênes-liège,
totalement écologique avec une déco superbe.
Sans hésitation, c'est ma future destination en Espagne...
Du glamping dans toute sa splendeur !

So what do you think, isn't it glamping at its best ?

Qu'est-ce que vous en dites, c'est vraiment du camping chic, non ?

pics via the Hoopoe Yurt Hotel's web site

for bookings and more infos about this fantastic retreat
go to their web site


What a fun concept. Yes, I could definately do camping this way. XO
WOW and WOW .. oh yes Love the name Glamping .. this is something I am sure I could do :-). Looks fantastic.
aguja said…
Glamping is definitely for me!
PK Studios said…
It looks lovely...and yes, very chic! Glamping is much easier on the back too : ) If you're ever in California, we have something similar near Santa Barbara....
Joyful said…
I'd love to stay there!
Linda Sue said…
YES! That is the best idea EVER!! I could do that!
DolceDreams said…
This looks amazing Lala, and I am with you on glamping!
Have a wonderful weekend,
Britt-Arnhild said…
So charming!
I want to come!!

Thank you for your nice words in my blog!!!
Cez said…
ça c'est du camping!!! un rêve!!!!
Gillian said…
Absolutely~! WOW!!!!
Ingrid Mida said…
This would be my kind of camping. It looks chic and comfortable!
Mélanie A. said…
J'adore . La seule fois où j'aimerais bien camper
Caroline said…
Glamping indeed! What an idyllic location!
Absolutely! Glamping at its best...practically luxurious!
Marilyn said…
Glamping is the perfect way to camp. Loved seeing this.
Laura Benedict said…
Oh, my, yes! I would glamp here in a heartbeat. Now I want a yurt guesthouse.

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