In an exotic mood

In the end, it wasn't such a lazy, lazy week end
Monchéri had to go to Sevilla, yesterday for family business
so I greeted him with an exotic little dinner
on the roof terrace, on his return.
Puf...I enjoyed doing it but que calor....!

Au final, le week end n'a pas été si cool et relax
Hier, Monchéri a dû aller à Séville pour des affaires de famille
alors je lui ai fait la surprise d'une petite dînette exotique,
sur la terrasse sur le toit, à son retour.
Ouf...c'était sympa les préparatifs mais que calor !

pics : me


aguja said…
How fantastic ... and in this heat! Well organised. It looks perfect.
I used to have a pouffe just like those ones, when I wasa child. I bought it at a jumble sale, which horrified my mother. I loved it until it disintegrated. Thank you for bringing back the memory.
maria cecilia said…
espectacular lala!!! qué gran recibimiento a tu mon cherie.
Joyful said…
It looks divine and delish. I love what you've done to the terrace.
PK Studios said…
I just love your little terrace! You're reminding me I need to spiff up my side patio with some fun Moroccan pieces!
He does know how lucky he is, doesn't he?
Catherine xxo

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