A new life for the olive mill in Mondujar

I'm so glad the townhall in Mondujar, a small village in the Lecrin valley
transformed the former olive mill into a museum and an art gallery.
And what's even better, jazz concerts are organized in summer.
And people from the village volunteered to run an outdoor bar.
Not only drinks and refreshments are cheap but they are also served with a big smile
and come with a complimentary plate of grilled sardines....
Isn't that cool ?

Je suis ravie que la mairie de Mondujar, un petit village niché
dans la vallée de Lecrin, a converti l'ancien moulin à huile
en musée et galerie d'exposition. Et puis aussi en été, des concerts de jazz
sont organisés dans la grande cour. Une guingette est tenue
par les habitants du village, tous volontaires. Et non seulement,
les boissons sont à un prix dérisoire mais il y le sourire en plus,
et l'assiette de sardines grillées est offerte gracieusement.
Super sympa, non ?

I love how they grilled the sardines on that big amphora....
An idea to be copied !

J'adore l'installation du grill sur cette grande amphore...
Une idée à copier !

pics : me

ps : Thank you for all your suggestions to prepare my cabbage !
coleslaw, sauté in olive oil and galette
I'll try it all !

Molino de Mondujar
next to the church


aguja said…
Jazz and sardines!! Two of my favourite things - wish I was there. Maybe one day ....
I think I ate my weight in sardines when in Spain! A lovely spot for a night out. I love your Lecrin valley.
Zelda said…
that's a god damn great BBq

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