Ikea nearly makes me want to live in the kitchen

Honestly I think I could eat, pray and love in this space created by Ikea.
The virgo in me likes the orderly lines of baskets, bottles and jars.
There is never such an abundance of fruit in my own kitchen
but isn't a great way to add some color ?

Franchement, je crois que je pourrais manger, prier et aimer dans cet espace créé par Ikea.
Mon côté vierge apprécie les rangs bien ordonnés de paniers, bouteilles et conserves.
Il n'y a jamais une telle abondance de fruits dans ma cuisine
mais quelle bonne idée pour apporter de la couleur !

...and now I show you my kitchen....much much smaller.
and with barely no fruit in sight as it's all kept in the fridge.
Mmmm...I've got to think about this basket idea !

....et maintenant voici ma cuisine....bien plus petite.
et pratiquement sans trace de fruit parce qu'ils sont tous au frigo.
Bon...je crois que je vais cogiter sur l'idée des paniers !

pics : 1 via Carl Kleiner, 2 me

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Salut Lala, how are you? So, you'd like to move to IKEA? ;-) The kitchen is gorgeous and I too would absolutely LOVE to have one like that. Sorry, but will have to "pin" it ;-)

I hope you're well, have you had any good news from London yet? Wishing you a good week xo
Joyful said…
Lala, I love your kitchen. The only thing missing is a work island and perhaps like it wouldn't fit if you had one. My kitchen is also too small for an island. Your kitchen looks better than Ikea's if you ask me ;-) BTW, I do keep out fruits and they don't keep well. It gets too hot in my little kitchen without a window for fresh and cool air. So I have to keep most things in the fridge.
Daydream Living said…
Well, I love your kitchen, the colors and the crochet on the shelf, looks lovely! We are heading to Ibiza soon, will post about it this week before we leave, Maureen
Francesca Muir said…
LaLa - now that is exactly my type of kitchen - Love it, love it, love it! Francesca
Sara Lorayne said…
Your kitchen is marvelous and I love how you have arranged the shelves and the items on them so artistically. Of course, you are an artist, so you do it beautifully.
Ingrid Mida said…
Your kitchen is far more charming and REAL!!!!
LIU said…
Je préfère ta cuisine, sans doute.
Diana said…
Smaller, but so pretty and sweet! IO love your kitchen!
Kellie Collis said…
Gorgeous! Love the organization! Enjoy the wonderful weekend, Kellie xx
David Engel said…
Your kitchen is cuter! Ikea's is too cluttered. You do everything so beautifully Lovely Lala.
Just White said…
Oh wow! I prefer your kitchen!
Have a good week!
Anonymous said…
Lovely kitchen by IKEA (I must, I'm a Swede... hi hi...), but yours are more personal and actually: adorable. I love yours!
cathy@home said…
I know what you mean about that Ikea kitchen. but it would take a lot to keep clean.

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