Weaving esparto grass

Some months ago a very enthusiastic me started to learn how
to weave esparto grass. Dreaming of the future baskets I could make.
Oh dear I think I've been over optimistic !

Il y a quelques mois, avec beaucoup d'enthousiasme, j'ai voulu suivre des
cours d'apprentissage à l'esparto ou alfafa. Tout en rêvant des futurs paniers
et autres objets que j'allais réaliser.
Pfff....je crois que j'étais trop optimiste !

Do you see this little attempt here above ? This is what I managed to achieve in 2 hours....This craft requires a LOT of patience. I've given up for now but who knows, may be in a few years, I can show you the basket I made ! No seriously, I'd love to give it another try because I am the first one to say, we must keep the handmade and craftsmanship alive. We were only 3 persons following this class and our teacher was an elderly man from one of the villages nearby. I find it sad that this craft is being abandoned progressively as esparto grass is a wonderful product to use around your home. Don't you think ?

Vous voyez ce petit bout d'essai ci-dessus ? Eh bien c'est ce que j'ai réussi à faire en 2 heures....Cet artisanat nécessite BEAUCOUP de patience. Pour le moment j'ai jeté l'éponge mais qui sait, peut-être dans quelques années je vous montrerai le panier que j'aurai réussi à faire ! Non, sérieusement, j'aimerais faire une autre tentative parce que je suis la première à revendiquer la continuité et la survie du fait main et de l'artisanat. Nous étions seulement 3 personnes à suivre ce cours et notre instructeur était un homme âgé d'un des villages voisins. Je trouve triste que cet artisanat soit relégué petit à petit aux oubliettes parce que l'esparto est vraiment un produit merveilleux à utiliser dans la maison. Vous ne trouvez pas ?

Have a wonderful creative week end !

pics : me


linda said…
yes, i do agree and i adore that old-looking basket....what a beautiful craft....it's hard to keep these things alive unless we keep doing them....! ah well, have fun when you do! xox
Joyful said…
I applaud you for taking this class and trying to keep the craft alive. I can see that the grass makes very nice products and seems quite sturdy. Keep it up dear, Lala. I'm sure you will get the hang of it and over time you will become faster.
Daydream Living said…
Hi Lala,
Glad I have found your blog, via your guestpost at Melissa's. I'm a big fan of Spain, going next week again, I Love Paris, and I look forward to read more of your older posts, enjoy the rest of the weekend, Maureen
Sara Lorayne said…
It's my guess that this wonderful art of basket weaving is probably best learned when one is a child...but bravo to you for giving it a try! I do hope the esparto grass craft, and others like it, will not die out altogether...that is indeed sad.
I am impressed with your attempt and think that you will be successful on a subsequent try... Like you, I think that these crafts need to be passed down to future generations.

Wishing a wonderful autumn to you, sweet friend!

Francesca Muir said…
How lovely and how satisfying to make your own. Brava LaLa - keep going.
F x
Anonymous said…
I have been thinking about learning it too. There is so much esperto around here (álora) and it's difficult to find places where you can by the baskets etc.
Anonymous said…
This post brought me back to a childhood memory. The first time my mother took me to her home town in Cieza, Murcia. Getting off the train, I asked, "What is that smell, mom?" She said it was ESPARTO.

Loved the baskets and loved that you want to try and keep an old trade alive...
Linda Sue said…
Good job Lala- I understand- i have made two baskets- took me forever! nothing this complex that is for sure- This technique looks impossible- so, well done, you!
when i come to visit, i'll take the class with you, okay?
Anonymous said…
Agree totally! Keep trying... I would hate to see traditions die...
Hakan süslüer said…
Hi Lala,
we want to attend the course.can you write me the info about the course or the man who is the teacher.How can I contact them. Pls write me back to smyrna_ksk@hotmail.com Thanks from now.

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