A little crafty break : Making cardboard antlers

My sweet readers, I thought you might like to see what I was doing during this past
rainy week end....
Mes lecteurs chéris, j'ai pensé que vous aimeriez jetez un coup d'oeil sur ce que
j'ai fait durant ce dernier week end pluvieux.....

As I told you in my last post, I'm currently decorating my home for my little exhibition on dec 4th. I thought I'd give a christmassy feeling to the living room upstairs with some cardboard antlers. Was I very optimistic to think it would only take me a couple of hours to make two of these ? Well, yes ! And still, as you can see it's not finished. In the end, I'm going to cover it all with white paper. I don't really like the result with the white paint so I could have easily bypassed the newspaper pasting on it. I'll show you the final result very soon !

Thank you so much for your words of encouragement
and following me !

Comme je vous le disais dans mon dernier post, je décore la maison pour ma petite expo du 4 décembre. Pour créer une ambiance très Noël dans le salon au premier étage, je me suis dit que des bois de cerf en carton feraient plutôt joli. Mais franchement j'étais trop optimiste de penser que cela ne me prendrait que deux heures ! Et en plus, je n'ai pas fini. Comme je n'aime pas trop le résultat je vais tout recouvrir de papier blanc. En fait j'aurais pu sauter l'étape du collage de papier journal. À très bientôt pour le résultat final !

Merci beaucoup pour tous vos petits mots encourageants
et aussi de suivre le blog !

pics : me


Francesca Muir said…
Brava LaLa - what a lovely idea - I like them with the newspaper alone.
F x
Joyful said…
They are looking good and I can see they are a lot of work! Good for you for persevering. Will love to see the finished product.
Ingrid Mida said…
That looks like a crazy amount of fun! Can't wait to see the finished product.
Sara said…
I'm excited to see the results when you have completed your preparations. I know your home will be lovely and very creative when all ready for the show.
Good luck with the finished product! Looking forward to seeing where they will hang. And wishing you the best of luck with your exhibit.
Theresa Cheek said…
LOL! We always underestimate the time it takes to CREATE! These will be wonderful...can't wait for the finished photos.
Stopping by to say Hello. You'd better get back to your antler's. Have fun, Lala.
Catherine xo
Anonymous said…
I think the antlers are great. Looking forward to seeing the final product!
lisa b. said…
Absolutely A-Dorable!

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