When winter comes in Andalucia.....

.....we can still hope for a few more sunny days like this past sunday. It was a good day
to take a walk with Monchéri in the little village of Nigüelas.

.....quand l'hiver arrive en Andalousie, on peut toujours espérer avoir quelques jours
de soleil comme ce dimanche. Une journée parfaite pour faire une ballade avec
Monchéri dans le petit village de Nigüelas.

and after the walk, we stopped at the charming Alqueria de los Lentos for a comforting beer and vino tinto with tapas of course. Did I tell you how much I love this Spanish tradition ? Whenever, I order a drink somewhere, I always wonder what kind of little treat will come with it, fish, meat, cured ham, tortilla or shrimps I love them all !

Thank you very much for your lovely comments
on my handmade cards and
have a great start of the week !

et après la promenade, nous nous sommes arrêtés dans un charmant restaurant Alqueria de los Lentos pour une bière et un verre de vin rouge avec des tapas bien sûr. Est-ce que je vous ai dit combien j'adore cette tradition espagnole ? Chaque fois que je commande une boisson quelque part, je me demande toujours la petite surprise qui vient avec, poisson, viande, jambon cru, tortilla ou crevettes, j'aime tout !

Merci beaucoup pour vos adorables commentaires
sur mes cartes fait main
et un très bon début de semaine à vous !

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The tapas tradition is so special. Little treats of good things to eat...everyday. Yum.
About the FB. I know, I'm unsure too. I have a badge on my sidebar. Think you have to log in. This time around I did a personal page instead of a business page since that is what everyone was doing last year...and now it is the opposite. I don't know if I should switch back. So there I am if you would like to connect. Have a happy week.
Catherine xx
Joyful said…
It's all so beautiful there even at this time of year.

Tapas is one of my favourite things. Yum!
aguja said…
Autumn/Winter descended suddenly this year, but it is exciting to be in 'winter mode' - walks and food and beautiful scenery.

Thank you for sharing!
Qué bonitas fotografías,me encanta tu visión del invierno en esa tierra.

Sara said…
Love the way that road runs off toward the mountains...makes me want to run off that way too!

Your tapas look delicious.
You have not only beautiful life but also beautiful soul.

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