Christmas rocks in Granada

Last saturday, I intended to do some serious Christmas shopping in Granada but instead, I got stuck plaza Pasiegas where Los Térmicos were giving a free concert and it was too good to miss it. So my shopping has been postponed which I don't mind at all. Let's enjoy the day !

Samedi dernier, j'étais toute prête à faire des emplettes de Noël à Grenade mais finalement je me suis retrouvée plaza de las Pasiegas où le groupe Los Térmicos donnaient un concert gratuit. Et franchement, c'était trop bien pour ne pas le manquer. Donc, mes achats de Noël, ce sera pour un autre jour ce qui ne m'ennuie pas du tout d'ailleurs. Il faut profiter de la vie !

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Theresa Cheek said…
The architecture and colors of the plasters are so beautiful in Spain....I am very jealous! It looks like you had a very nice day though, have a nice holiday Lala!
aguja said…
Rock on, Granada!

I love it that there is so much music about in Spain and it fits in anywhere and everywhere.

Incidentally, my husband, his friend and I have just formed a band! A bit late in the day, age wise, but it is great fun!
Theresa, if you come to Granada one day, i'll be delighted to be your personal guide ! :-)

Ann, you rock !! i'd love to hear you sometime..and what do you mean, late age's never too late !
vicki archer said…
THats the best thing Lala... to enjoy the moment... Everything else takes care of itself... Have a wonderful and festive holiday... xv
Olga said…
Granada looks amazing! I've been to Andalusia couple times and I loved it, but still need to go back and visit Granada and Seville! Sounds like you had fun 'shopping' day! :)

absolutely love your blog!

Freddie & Cinnamon

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