The last wrapping of the year...the last baking of the year

With a big smile on my face, this morning I went to our local post office to send 2 aprons to Paris. For some people, Christmas is not over yet and this was my last order of the year.
In the afternoon, I made one orange and almond cake and one chocolate cake with candied oranges. Did you try it yet ? If you haven't, you must ! Here is the recipe. So easy to make and delicious result garanteed....
Are you all preparing some great food to celebrate the New Year ? Truth is, I haven't thought about it yet ! Oh well....I hope I have some last minute inspiration !
Remember to enjoy the day..... x Lala

Ce matin, j'étais toute souriante pour aller au bureau de poste du village, car j'ai envoyé ma dernière commande de l'année : 2 tabliers. Eh oui, pour certains Noël ce n'est pas encore fini et c'est tant mieux.
Séquence pâtisserie dans l'après-midi : un gâteau à l'orange et aux amandes et un gâteau au chocolat et oranges confites. L'avez-vous essayé ? Si vous ne l'avez pas encore essayé, c'est un must ! La recette est ici. Si simple à faire et résultat garanti....
Que préparez-vous de bon pour le réveillon ? À vrai dire, je n'y ai pas encore pensé compte sur une inspiration de dernière minute !
N'oubliez pas de savourer le jour..... x Lala

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The cake looks so mouthwatering.
I love the way the presents are wrapped; so elegantly. Merry Holidays;-)
Joyful said…
I love how you wrap a parcel.

Would you believe I forgot all about a dinner for New Year's?!

Oh well, perhaps I will just take it easy and not worry about a "dinner' for a change. It would be the first time in my life ;-)
Joyful said…
Oh, Happy New Year to you dear Lala. May it bring you all you hope for. Love and hugs. xx
linda said…
this all looks luscious !

happy 2012xoxo
Sara said…
Happy New Year, Lala, to you and Moncheri and good wishes for 2012. I look forward to all the lovely things you will be sharing with us in the months ahead.
studioJudith said…
Luscious cakes
Luscious gifts ...

Anonymous said…
mmmm I can't wait to try that loaf cake. It looks like a perfect cake with some tea.

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